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Watch Apple’s Huge Launch Event Again

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 10 sep 15 kl. 20:47

Did you miss Apple’s massive launch event yesterday, or perhaps you are a fan of the company and want to relive the show all over again? Either way, you can still see the big press event that saw a myriad new products launch in Cupertino as Apple once again reasserted it dominance over the smartphone and tablet markets. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were revealed by the company, bringing with them vastly improved performance and 3D Touch screen technology.

iPhone 6s: the Legacy is Fine

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 10 sep 15 kl. 17:02

Every year Apple managed to pull off what every other smartphone company can never do, makes its devices equally popular despite incremental updates. The new iPhone 6s is not a radical departure from the iPhone 6 last year, in fact it looks identical, but will still sell in tens of millions over the coming months. Apple is the king at this kind of marketing, but beneath it all is the iPhone 6s, which is just a very good products.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus: The Same but Better

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 10 sep 15 kl. 15:54

Last year Apple split its iPhone range to have two flagship models, with the iPhone 6 acting as the main sales driver while the iPhone 6 Plus served as the spec king and of course came with a larger screen. A year later and Apple just unveiled the iPhone 6s Plus and the device is pretty much what we expect; an incremental update over last year’s model. That means the iPhone 6s Plus looks the same as the 6 Plus, which is not bad thing as it remains a stellar looking smartphone and considering Apple ushered in a bold new design last year, it still feels fresh.

Apple iPad Pro: Stunning, Feature Packed, and Hugely Expensive

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 10 sep 15 kl. 15:25

Apple revealed the iPad Pro at a huge all-encompassing launch event, finally bringing the large screen tablet that has been rumored for years. While Apple says this is a game changer, it is actually just a competitor to the Microsoft Surface Pro, but that does not mean the Pro is not fantastic. It is, with plenty of unique tech and features and in some ways Apple may have redefined casual portable computing with this feature rich device.