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Pelmeni eller vareniki? Izba eller khata? Björk eller solros?

Duktiga och intelligenta Tanja Suhinina - 22 sep 15 kl. 10:59

"Hon är väldigt... rysk. Ja, du fattar"- Barndomsbästis beskriver en barndomsväns fästmö 2009"Dunka fisk i bordet?

ZTE Unveils ZMAX 2 in the USA

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 22 sep 15 kl. 15:55

ZTE has a solid history of launching smartphones in the United States, not something most Chinese companies do. Also, while other Chinese companies raise prices when launching in the U.S.

One M9+ goes Global while Butterfly 3 Lands in China says HTC

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 22 sep 15 kl. 15:49

HTC has been pushing out numerous high end smartphones this year in an attempt to solve its financial woes, with none of those devices particularly selling well. The company has now decided to launch another two flagship quality smartphones, the Butterfly 3 as a Chinese exclusive and the global roll out of the One M9+. Both handsets arrive on September 29th.