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Verizon Debuts iPhone Upgrade Plans

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 25 sep 15 kl. 04:54

We are not exactly surprised to see that Verizon has created a program for upgrading the iPhone year after year. The company followed T-Mobile’s path by doing away with subsidized contracts, which prompted Apple to create its iPhone Upgrade Program and for T-Mobile to follow suit. Verizon is now joining the party with its Device Payment option.

Sprint CEO Points to Future Merger with Cable Company

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 25 sep 15 kl. 05:01

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has basically just told Reuters that the company is open for business and willing to merge with a cable company under the right circumstance. Sprint is putting itself in the shop window as it is thought cable companies will now be looking to acquire a mobile wireless company. The recent purchase of Cablevision means there are no viable mergers on the horizon in the telecommunications industry, which means companies in that sector will turn their attention to mobile carriers.