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So it's Alesso

No More Mr.Nice Guy - 07 jun 16 kl. 20:11

Feels good to be back in Stockholm for 10 daysEtt foto publicerat av DOUGLAS WEST (@douglas_west_) Jun 7, 2016 kl. 9:55 PDTSwedish promoter Douglas with his LA-gf Milena & Christine Burke & Alesso..I think Christine Burke is hot, but since she's been with Darren, I don't know, hope not Alesso is dating the Trollop:)Here they are in Mexico with Scott Disick...

Good work

No More Mr.Nice Guy - 07 jun 16 kl. 20:00

Someone created an instagram about Alec Monopoly assistent @eriicajardimSome "tagthesposor" prints there..https://www.instagram.


No More Mr.Nice Guy - 07 jun 16 kl. 18:06

I want to talk to you today about the right people.Who you spend your time with will have a great impact on what kind of life you live.There are people God has already ordained to come across our path, to help us fulfill our destiny.

How to find the hoes, just follow Bruno

No More Mr.Nice Guy - 07 jun 16 kl. 17:57

Leo was seen with some girls in London..I didn't know whoe the black girl were!But I just checked Londons biggest Pimp Brunos insta @iambrunob and there she was..

Megan is back

No More Mr.Nice Guy - 07 jun 16 kl. 03:56

Didn't know that devote still existed, but apparently it does:)Good post about LA nightlife from someone who have experienced it..The Five People You Meet While Clubbing inLA.. Justin & Leo:)http://www.


No More Mr.Nice Guy - 07 jun 16 kl. 00:24

Everywhere you can read that Leo DiCaprio is dating promoters toy Roxy Horner..I don't think so!Leo is in NY and I think he have higher standard then dating a traveling model, who is friend with pimps and hoes, like Bruno..