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Batman Grey Costume Caped Boxers

GeekAlerts - 14 Sep 13 kl. 13:00

So you want to dress like Batman, but you don’t want everyone staring at your costume. The answer is simple. Just wear these Batman Grey Costume Caped Boxers under your clothes. You’ll feel like the caped crusader, but no one will know. Fortsätt läs..

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Fifty shades of grey

Bokbloggar - 07 Dec 18 kl. 11:14

Batman: The Animated Series – Gotham City Under Siege Game

GeekAlerts - 25 Oct 18 kl. 15:28

Fans of the Caped Crusader will love this new Batman: The Animated Series – Gotham City Under Siege Game. It can be played with one to five players, and each player takes on the role of a powerful Gotham City superhero: Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Catwoman, [...

LEGO Batman App-Controlled Batmobile #76112

GeekAlerts - 10 Oct 18 kl. 05:11

Race to crime scenes in Gotham with this LEGO Batman App-Controlled Batmobile #76112. First build the 321 piece LEGO Batmobile, which contains 2 motors and a control hub. Then download the App for your iOS or Android smartphone to control this 4-wheel drive vehicle via [...

Oogie Boogie Prestige Adult Costume

GeekAlerts - 09 Oct 18 kl. 14:44

Win Halloween this year with the Oogie Boogie Prestige Adult Costume. It’s everyone’s favorite boogie man from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Who wouldn’t want to be the creative underground villain that like to gamble, wreak havoc, and invent contraptions?

25% Off Easy Costumes At ThinkGeek

GeekAlerts - 26 Sep 18 kl. 12:17

Halloween will be here before you know it. Instead of waiting until last minute, and then getting an overpriced costume or going without anything, why not dress up with an easy costume that you can put on quickly? Now is a great time to buy [...

Batman Logo Watch

GeekAlerts - 18 Aug 18 kl. 02:04

This officially licensed Batman Logo Watch is a fantastic way to subtlely show your support for the Caped Crusader. It’s a tough looking stainless steel watch with a faux leather band and features the classic Batman logo in the center of the clock face. I’d [...

Batman: Hush kommer äntligen bli film - 23 Jul 18 kl. 13:00

Släpps någon gång nästa år Batman-fans har i samband med Comic-Con fått en hel del goda nyheter gällande den maskerade hämnaren. Bland annat kommer Batman: The Animated Series släppas på Bluray och det blev även känt att den nyklassiska storyarcen Batman: Hust kommer släppas som animerad film. Hush gavs ut från december 2002 till november 2003 och skapades av Jeph Loeb och Jim Lee.

Batman: The Animated Series släpps på Bluray i höst - 23 Jul 18 kl. 10:30

På tiden! Batman: The Animated Series är utan tvekan en av de bästa Batman-produktionerna genom tiderna och Warner Bros jobbar på flertalet sätt för att göra det lättare för oss att titta på serien. Bland annat kommer Batman: TAS att visas i Full HD via den nya streamingtjänsten DC Universe, men det verkar inte som att vi i Sverige kommer få använda tjänsten.

Gör din egen Batman-boomerang - 07 Jul 18 kl. 10:29

Flyger perfekt I den här videon förvandlar The Q en bit plywood till en boomerang i bästa Batman-stil. Läs vidare och kommentera: http://feber.

Humble Bundle kör stor superhjälte-rea - 15 Jun 18 kl. 18:15

Skynda att fynda Batman-lir! Har du missat några av Rocksteadys fantastiska Batman-spel? Eller sugen på att köra något av LEGO Marvel-spelen?

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Funko Pop! Lock Shock & Barrel Bathtub Figure

GeekAlerts - 4 timmar sedan

Fan’s of The Nightmare Before Christmas will want to get their hands on this exclusive Funko Pop! Lock Shock & Barrel Bathtub Figure. It’s Funko Pop!

Harry Potter Slip-On Gryffindor Cozy Slippers

GeekAlerts - 4 timmar sedan

When you get home and take off your Hogwarts Varsity Hoodie Jacket, it’s time to get comfortable in your Harry Potter Slip-On Gryffindor Cozy Slippers. Featuring a super soft black fuzzy lining, these slippers feature the Gryffindor house crest in red over a yellow background. [...

Star Trek Captain’s Tea Set

GeekAlerts - 4 timmar sedan

Enjoy your tea in tremendous style with the Star Trek Captain’s Tea Set. It includes two teacups, a creamer, and sugar bowl all with the Starfleet Command logo, as well as a teapot with the United Federation of Planets logo. There are also two saucers [...

LEGO Gifts Christmas Ornament #853815

GeekAlerts - 4 timmar sedan

This LEGO Gifts Christmas Ornament #853815 makes a great stocking stuffer. It includes 50 pieces that you put together to build an ornament that looks like a pile of colorful gifts. When you’re done, just place it inside the transparent 3″ diameter bauble and hang [...

Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Official Trailer 2

GeekAlerts - 16 timmar sedan

Back in August, we saw the First Official Trailer, and now we finally get to see the Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Official Trailer 2 which features appearances by Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah as things build to what should be massive battles between [...

8 New Rick and Morty T-Shirts

GeekAlerts - Igår: 18:51

If you need some new threads, check out this collection of 8 New Rick and Morty T-Shirts from SuperHeroStuff. There something for everyone, whether you prefer Pickle Rick or Scary Terry, whether you’re into catchphrases like “wubba-lubba dub-dub!” or “and away we go!

Enormous Inflatable Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

GeekAlerts - Igår: 18:24

How are your Christmas decorations looking the year? If they’re less than impressive, you need to add this Enormous Inflatable Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Standing a massive 15 feet tall, with an LED illuminated nose, this inflatable Rudolph will be the envy of your neighbors.

Up To 50% Off Sitewide at BoxLunch

GeekAlerts - Igår: 18:12

Now’s a good time to make progress on your Christmas shopping list, with savings Up To 50% Off Sitewide at BoxLunch! Just about everything is at least 30% off, with hundreds of items at 40% or even 50% off. Plus, shipping is free with $50 [...

SpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Patty Christmas Sweater

GeekAlerts - Igår: 04:07

It used to be that Christmas sweaters were an unwelcomed gift from your aunt, with a tacky design you’d never want to wear. Now holiday sweaters are popular, and the “uglier” the better. Best of all, they now feature your favorite themes and characters such [...

Star Wars Epic Moments Sculpture Collection

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 17:20

For me, few moments from Star Wars are as spectacular as the scene where the Snowspeeder used a harpoon and tow cable to tie up the legs and take down a massive AT-AT walker. This first issue from the Star Wars Epic Moments Sculpture Collection [...

Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Inflatable Chair

GeekAlerts - 08 Dec 18 kl. 13:52

Nothing is better than kicking back in a Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Inflatable Chair, putting your feet up, and watching a new episode of Rick and Morty on Adult Swim. Well, new episodes won’t be out for quite a while, but you can get [...

Funko Pop! PEZ Star Wars Jawa

GeekAlerts - 08 Dec 18 kl. 13:43

PEZ has always been fun to eat, and when you combine it with the fun designs Funko is known for, you end up with this awesome Funko Pop! PEZ Star Wars Jawa. Pop back the hooded head of this beady-eyed scavenger to dispense a piece [...

Barbie Doctor Who Thirteenth Doctor Collector Doll

GeekAlerts - 08 Dec 18 kl. 13:25

Doctor Who and Barbie are both enduring favorites that have stood the test of time. Their collectibles remain popular and valuable, so this Barbie Doctor Who Thirteenth Doctor Collector Doll may be worth a lot some day. Fully posable and sculpted to look just like [...

Avengers: Endgame – Official Trailer

GeekAlerts - 07 Dec 18 kl. 22:34

Today, we not only learned the name of the next Avengers movie, we also get a first look thanks to Marvel’s release of the Avengers: Endgame – Official Trailer. The movie will hit theaters on April 26, 2019. Watch Marvel Studios’ Avengers – Official Trailer: [...

Star Wars AT-AT Lantern

GeekAlerts - 07 Dec 18 kl. 12:00

While the Galactic Empire cast a long shadow in a galaxy far, far away, this Star Wars AT-AT Lantern can literally cast shadows across your front porch. Each side of the lantern features an AT-AT walker, and one side opens so that you can place [...