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Batman Symbol Bandana

GeekAlerts - 11 Jan 19 kl. 17:40

You’ll want to add this new Batman Symbol Bandana to your utility belt, because a bandana isn’t just a fashion accessory, it is a practical way to protect the head or neck from the sun and other harsh elements. This awesome bandana isn’t just a [... Fortsätt läs..

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Robert Pattinson som Batman? - Sveriges största kändissajt - 17 May 19 kl. 18:22

Det ryktas om att Robert Pattinson ska spela Batman i Matt Reeves nya Batmanfilm.

Batman: Hush – Official Trailer

GeekAlerts - 18 May 19 kl. 02:18

Watch the Batman: Hush – Official Trailer for a glimpse at the newest upcoming DC Animated Movie Universe. This one is based on the acclaimed comic book story arc by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee and includes many favorite DC characters including Batman, Superman, Batgirl, [...

Robert Pattinson verkar bli nya Batman - 17 May 19 kl. 08:19

I Matt Reeves kommande film Variety har lagt vantarna på information om den kommande Batman-filmen som kommer släppas under sommaren 2021. Mer specifikt har tidskriften fått reda på vem som kommer spela hjälten och det verkar bli Robert Pattinson, som är mest känd från Twilight-filmerna men har även levererat riktigt bra skådespelarinsatser i High Life och Good Time. Enligt källor är dealen mellan Warner Bros och Pattinson inte färdigställd, men Pattinson ska ligga högst upp på listan och det hela lär spikas inom en snar framtid.

Trailer för Batman: Hush - 15 May 19 kl. 11:30

Peppen! Förra sommaren blev det känt att den fenomenala Batman-berättelsen Hush kommer att filmatiseras och nu har äntligen en första trailer för äventyret släppts. Batman: Hush kommer släppas senare i sommar.

Batman Batmobile Toddler/Youth Slippers

GeekAlerts - 04 May 19 kl. 17:47

A few years back there were these awesome Batmobile Slippers for adults, and now they have a similar set for kids in these Batman Batmobile Toddler/Youth Slippers. They feature a Batmobile design that looks a lot like the one from the 1989 Batman movie directed [...

Funko Pop! Batman 1st Appearance 1939 80th Anniversary

GeekAlerts - 05 Apr 19 kl. 15:19

Batman’s first appearance was in Detective Comics #27 in 1939. This Funko Pop! Batman 1st Appearance 1939 80th Anniversary Figure celebrates that first appearance on the 80th anniversary.

Batman Family Q-Master Diorama Statue

GeekAlerts - 24 Mar 19 kl. 16:03

If the whole family likes superheroes, you need this delightful Batman Family Q-Master Diorama Statue. It features Batman as the patriarch, with a whole bunch of adorable superhero children climbing on him. There’s  Damian Wayne (Robin), Jason Todd (Red Hood), Tim Drake (Red Robin), Barbara [...

Comics Explained snackar Batman: The Animated Series - 19 Mar 19 kl. 13:15

Intressant Mellan 1992 och 1995 sändes Batman: The Animated Series som var en amerikansk tecknad TV-serie om Gothams beskyddare. Serien togs fram av Bruce Timm och Eric Radomski och producerades av Warner Bros. Animation.

Batman Bat-Signal Projection Alarm Clock

GeekAlerts - 15 Mar 19 kl. 15:06

Wake up to the Bat Signal each morning with the Batman Bat-Signal Projection Alarm Clock. Like other projection alarm clocks, this one projects the current time to a nearby wall or ceiling, making it easy to see the time without getting up to look over [...

Trailer för Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 12 Mar 19 kl. 17:30

Crossover-fest! För en tid sedan blev det känt att crossover-serietidningen Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles skulle filmatiseras och nu är den första trailern för filmen äntligen här!

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Wonder Woman Studded Varsity Jacket

GeekAlerts - 5 timmar sedan

You might not officially be a superhero, but you always look out for those around you and aren’t afraid to use a tiara as a weapon when justice calls. Sounds like you deserve to wear this Wonder Woman Studded Varsity Jacket. Officially licensed by DC, [...

Mickey Mouse Gummy Treat Maker

GeekAlerts - 17 timmar sedan

If the kids are already bored this summer, give them something fun to do with the Mickey Mouse Gummy Treat Maker. They’ll love making their own gummy candies and you’ll love eating them. Actually, this Mickey Mouse treat maker isn’t just for gummies, it can [...

Marvel Iron Man Fragrance

GeekAlerts - 18 timmar sedan

You may be a few million short of being a billionaire, but you’re an attractive genius like Tony Stark. You even smell like him, thanks to this Marvel Iron Man Fragrance. This eau de toilette comes in a generous 3.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Launch Trailer

GeekAlerts - Igår: 06:34

In just a few days, the augmented reality game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be released. While it doesn’t show gameplay until some brief snippets at the end, this cinematic Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Launch Trailer should get you excited for your chance to [...

Captain America Shield Pool Float

GeekAlerts - Igår: 18:40

Why have an ordinary pool toy, when you can ride on the Captain America Shield Pool Float? It would definitely be a hit at a summer pool party, especially on the Fourth of July. This red, white, and blue pool float is designed like The [...

The Boys – Official Trailer

GeekAlerts - Igår: 18:27

If you’re interested in a unique take on the superhero genre, you’ll want to take a look at The Boys – Official Trailer. Just be warned, this is a Red Band trailer, with some graphic violence and foul language. Based on the best-selling comics of [...

Death Star Cheeseboard Set

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 06:45

Serve up snacks fine enough for the emperor himself with the Death Star Cheeseboard Set. It may look like a small moon, but the detailed rendering on this split-level cheeseboard is actually the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station, also known as the Death Star. Made from [...

Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Cosplay Sneakers

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 18:37

These Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Cosplay Sneakers are the perfect summer kicks for those that like a bit of color, as they feature Buzz Lightyear inspired design with white, purple and green along with multi-colored eyelets. Officially-licensed by Disney Pixar, these Buzz Lightyear shoes [...

Star Wars Bocce Ball Set

GeekAlerts - 17 Jun 19 kl. 05:48

Spend more time outdoors this summer with this wonderful Star Wars Bocce Ball Set that’s sure to provide endless entertainment for your friends and family. It comes with 4 Empire and 4 Rebel bocce balls along with a pallino ball and a zippered carrying case. [...

Funko Pop! Ghostbusters Slimer PEZ Dispenser

GeekAlerts - 16 Jun 19 kl. 17:03

If you already have Stay Puft, then you’ll want to add this Funko Pop! Ghostbusters Slimer PEZ Dispenser to your collection. It looks like everyone’s favorite slimy green ghost from Ghostbusters.

Star Wars R2-D2 Ceramic Sculpted Mug

GeekAlerts - 16 Jun 19 kl. 16:57

Although it is a coffee mug, the style of the Star Wars R2-D2 Ceramic Sculpted Mug makes it go with cold drinks, like shakes and smoothies. Either would work fine, as this mug is made out of ceramic, and it’s generous 20-ounce capacity means plenty [...

Toy Story Slinky Dog Bookends

GeekAlerts - 15 Jun 19 kl. 18:22

Toy Story 4 will be out in just a week, and many of the same characters will be back again including Slinky Dog. (This time he’s voiced by Blake Clark, the same as in Toy Story 3, as Jim Varney passed away after Toy Story [...

Firebox Warehouse Clearance Sale

GeekAlerts - 15 Jun 19 kl. 18:10

Save up to 60% off many innovative items at the Firebox Warehouse Clearance Sale. There are cool gadgets, tasty treats, cute items, and great gifts to choose from. There are even a couple of Marvel and Star Wars items.

Veronica Mars: Season 4 Trailer

GeekAlerts - 15 Jun 19 kl. 17:57

Veronica Mars is coming back as a Hulu Original, and you can preview it in the official Veronica Mars: Season 4 Trailer. New episodes are coming on July 26, 2019, exclusively on Hulu. Some of the top stars of the original TV series are back [...

Dungeon Master’s Watch

GeekAlerts - 14 Jun 19 kl. 19:18

This Dungeon Master’s Watch is the ultimate timepiece for the ultimate Dungeon Master. It features a dial that looks like tabletop dungeon map and there are metal pieces between the dial and the crystal that look like different types of dice. Keep track of time [...