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Bringing back sweet memories

Decadent Lifestyle - 23 Jan 11 kl. 10:31

Fortsätt läs..

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Passion 4 baking - 22 timmar sedan

Hi sweet people ♥ May I tempt you with a  salt and sweet snickers cake? This Snickers cake is so delicious! It has a sweet and salty crust, made from salted peanuts and salted cheese crackers and meringues.


Passion 4 baking - 25 Jun 18 kl. 20:55

Hi everyone ♥ I hope you are enjoying your summer, Yesterday I made a delicious chocolate cheesecake with a sweet-salty crust. The crust I made from salty cheese crackers and melted sugar that I turn into a caramel. The combination of the chocolate cheesecake, the sweet and salty crust and whipped cream is a perfect combination.

Facebook introducerar tillbakablickande Memories - Allt om Google Android - 12 Jun 18 kl. 11:40

Facebook har introducerat en ny funktion med det engelska namnet Memories, vilken är tänkt att vara en slags nav för tillbakablickande nostalgi. Utvecklaren beskriver det som en plats att ”reflektera över stunderna du delat med familj och vänner”. Memories kan ses som en vidareutveckling av befintliga finessen ”den här dagen”.

Raspberry – passionfruit Sorbet

Passion 4 baking - 07 Jun 18 kl. 19:00

Hi sweet readers If you love raspberry and passionfruit, you will love this sorbet. This raspberry-passionfruit sorbet is made in minutes, depending on what blender or food processor you use. It´s so delicious!

Memories av Lang Leav

Bokbloggar - 04 Apr 18 kl. 05:56


Passion 4 baking - 01 Apr 18 kl. 10:49

Hi sweet readers ♥ I hope you are enjoying Easter, and that you have been baking something delicious baked goods either from my blog or my baking book → Love Manuela. A few weeks ago I was in Chicago to attend the→ housewares show. Some hours before my flight back to Sweden; I decided to visit this [...

Sweden's Social Democrats propose ban on religious independent schools

Nyhetspressen - 13 Mar 18 kl. 10:05

Sweden's governing Social Democrat party has proposed bringing an end to religious independent schools in the country as part of its manifesto for the autumn general election..


Passion 4 baking - 07 Mar 18 kl. 11:04

These buns are definitely one of my top 5 favorite buns, they are so fresh and so delicious! These buns I have filled with lemon curd, frozen mountain blueberries, and glaze. After you bake these a lot of the lemon curd will/might fall off onto the baking-plate and that is just perfect as it gives [...

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Our favorite drunks have released a new album. Check it out on Spotify or Itunes. Or listen to it on Soundcloud below.

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Thanks to M & B, Felix, Pauline and my anonymous submitter. Send your photos to

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