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Care Bears Laplander Hat

GeekAlerts - 07 Feb 12 kl. 11:23

If you grew up watching cartoons in the mid-80s or like watching classic cartoons now, then you probably remember the Care Bears. Originally created by the American Greetings Corp. for use on greeting cards, these loveable bears made a big splash in the cartoon world and now you can get your very own Care Bears [... Fortsätt läs..

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Gotham City Police Department Hat

GeekAlerts - 27 Mar 18 kl. 04:22

Gotham may be a fictional city, but this Gotham City Police Department Hat is real and looks very authentic. As a member of the GCPD, you can fight crime under Commissioner James Gordon and rest assured that Batman is helping rid the city of the [...

Mitt hat får ni inte

Bokbloggar - 26 Mar 18 kl. 18:00


Passion 4 baking - 02 Mar 18 kl. 19:00

If there is one cupcake I love to make on the weekends it is dark chocolate cupcakes topped with fluff, and dipped in dark chocolate.  They are beyond delicious. The taste of fluff is a kind of a mix marshmallow and meringues, it is delicious, and dipped in dark chocolate, I mean seriously need I say [...

A Hat in Time släpps på konsol nästa vecka - 29 Nov 17 kl. 16:45

Inte bara för PC-spelare A Hat in Time släpptes till PC i oktober, men nästa vecka kommer spelare på Playstation 4 och Xbox One kunna lägga vantarna på det charmiga plattformsspelet. Mer specifikt kommer du kunna köpa det från och med 6 december. Priset kommer ligga på 28 euro.

This is how long you may have to wait for emergency care in Sweden

Nyhetspressen - 29 Nov 17 kl. 12:37

Sweden's overstretched hospitals are in the spotlight again after healthcare data has revealed just how long patients have to wait to receive emergency care..

Försäkringen Samsung Mobile Care täcker två olycksskador under två år - Allt om Google Android - 15 Nov 17 kl. 11:43

Samsung har idag lanserat försäkringen Mobile Care i samarbete med Allianz. De som tecknar försäkringen får upp till två olycksskador reparerade av auktoriserade tekniker under två år. Skadade komponenter ersätts med originaldelar från Samsung.

WATCH: Hidden cameras reveal secret lives of bear family in Sweden

Nyhetspressen - 10 Nov 17 kl. 11:10

A new video allows viewers to catch a rare glimpse of what bears actually do in the woods when no one's looking – thanks to hidden cameras put up by a Swedish county board..

Friidrottens medicinska system hackat

Nyhetspressen - 03 Apr 17 kl. 12:59

Den ryska hackergruppen Fancy Bears har slagit till igen mot idrotten. Nu är det friidrottares medicinska uppgifter som gruppen fått tillgång till. - Det kan bli personligt kränkande, säger förbundskaptenen Karin Torneklint.

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Call of Duty: WWII – The War Machine DLC 2 Trailer

GeekAlerts - 05 Apr 18 kl. 05:21

A new CoD DLC is coming, which you can preview in this Call of Duty: WWII – The War Machine DLC 2 Trailer. This DLC includes an all new objective-based War Mode mission: Operation Husky. It also includes 3 new multiplayer maps: Dunkirk, Egypt, and [...

Cartel 2045 Movie Trailer

GeekAlerts - 05 Apr 18 kl. 04:29

Watch the new Cartel 2045 Movie Trailer starring Danny Trejo (Machete, From Dusk Till Dawn). This futuristic grindhouse sci-fi movie shows what happens when Mexican drug cartels get their hands on advanced military robots. It is directed by Chris Le, and besides for Danny Trejo, [...

Nintendo Splatoon Splattershot Blaster – Fires Gooey Ink

GeekAlerts - 05 Apr 18 kl. 04:00

Fans of Nintendo’s massively popular Splatoon video game will love splatting ink in real life with a Nintendo Splatoon Splattershot Blaster. This blaster can fire colorful, gooey ink up to 30 feet, and the high capacity ink canisters are good for up to 50 shots. [...

Star Wars Ewok Mini Backpack

GeekAlerts - 04 Apr 18 kl. 14:31

Anybody that loves the cute and cuddly Ewoks from Endor will adore this Star Wars Ewok Mini Backpack. No Ewoks or animals are harmed in making this backpack, because it is constructed of faux fur and faux suede leather. It is certainly much more adorable [...

Beloved Shirts Coupon Codes

GeekAlerts - 04 Apr 18 kl. 13:47

Beloved Shirts is a place to buy clothing and accessories with outlandishly awesome designs. Now is a great time to check them out because you can save up to $75 off with Beloved Shirts Coupon Codes. Plus, the promo codes work even for discount items, [...

Avengers: Infinity War – Thanos Sixth Scale Figure

GeekAlerts - 04 Apr 18 kl. 13:28

Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet are expected to feature prominently in the Avengers: Infinity War movie. Once it comes out, the interest in this Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Sixth Scale Figure will be so intense that it will probably sell out like the last Thanos [...

Bee House

GeekAlerts - 04 Apr 18 kl. 12:49

Just like a bird house makes a great home for your feathered friends, this Bee House provides an enticing habitat for local buzzers. Bees are great for pollination and they can be fun to watch, provided they don’t sting you. This bee house is specially [...

Free Infinity Gauntlet Keychain Deal at SuperHeroStuff

GeekAlerts - 04 Apr 18 kl. 03:17

There are frequently great SuperHeroStuff Promo Codes, where you get a discount or a free gift with purchase. Right now there is a Free Infinity Gauntlet Keychain Deal at SuperHeroStuff, which is pretty sweet. This Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Keychain is very detailed and normally retails [...

Land And Water RC Hovercraft

GeekAlerts - 03 Apr 18 kl. 14:37

This impressive Land And Water RC Hovercraft functions like a real hovercraft. Its horizontal fan inflates the two rubber air skirts, allowing the remote control craft to ride on a cushion of air over both land and water. The twin drive fans can propel the [...

Deadpool Costume Hoodie with Mask

GeekAlerts - 03 Apr 18 kl. 14:14

This Deadpool Costume Hoodie with Mask looks awesome. It has a mask that you can keep tucked back in the hood, and then pull it out over your face when the need arises. The reason this hoodie looks so good is because it is printed [...

DC Comics Superhero Photo Booth Props

GeekAlerts - 03 Apr 18 kl. 13:52

With this set of DC Comics Superhero Photo Booth Props, you get a frame and 25 different character props. It’s great for parties, or any time you want to have a silly fun time. You just hold up the prop sticks to the right spot [...

30% Off Ready Player One Merchandise

GeekAlerts - 03 Apr 18 kl. 13:20

Exclusively at Hot Topic, you can save 30% Off Ready Player One Merchandise! You’ve seen the Movie, or at least the Trailers, now it’s time to get the Ready Player One Merchandise. In this sale at HotTopic.

Rodeo Boy Exercise Fitness Machine

GeekAlerts - 03 Apr 18 kl. 02:35

The Japan Trend Shop has been known to sell some very ‘unique’ products (Pupeko Anti-Aging Mouthpiece, Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece, Rhythm Slim Chin Muscle Exercise Machine, Hana Tsun Nose Straightener) and the Rodeo Boy Exercise Fitness Machine continues with that trend. Designed as a fitness [...

Star Wars Death Star Pet Cave

GeekAlerts - 03 Apr 18 kl. 01:44

GeekAlerts showed you the perfect Death Star getaway, the Star Wars Death Star Dome Tent, now your favorite pet can join in on the fun. The Star Wars Death Star Pet Cave is the perfect place for small dogs and cats to snuggle up in. [...

Funko POP! Rick and Morty Rick with Facehugger Vinyl Figure

GeekAlerts - 03 Apr 18 kl. 01:03

This past April Fools’ Day was a blast. There were quite a few interesting items: Alien Facehugger Snorkel Mask, Rick and Morty Screaming Sun Alarm Clock, Jurassic World Dinosaur Detection System, and the Star Trek Klingon Alphabet Fridge Magnets. April Fools’ Day is over, but [...