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Christmas Calendar 2/12: Asplund

Emmas Designblogg - 02 Dec 11 kl. 12:00

Today's sponsor of the Christmas calendar is Asplund, a great design shop in Stockholm with a range of modern Scandinavian designs as well as their own line of furniture and accessories. Asplund collaborated with Brandslä and developed a very stylish fire extinguisher in matte white. Stylish enough to be left in sight, which is where it should be to be available when you need it! Fortsätt läs..

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Trailer för Last Christmas - 15 Aug 19 kl. 16:00

Snart är det jul igen! Nu är det lite mer än 130 dagar till julafton och här kommer trailern till den romantiska komedin Last Christmas där vi får se följa Kate (Emilia Clarke) när hon tar jobb som tomtenisse i en butik under julsäsongen. På jobbet träffar hon Tom (Henry Golding) och ljuv musik verkar uppstå efter lite konflikter, som det vanligtvis brukar vara i romantiska komedier.

Nightmare Before Christmas Simply Meant to Be Mini Backpack

GeekAlerts - 15 Aug 19 kl. 16:00

We just recently featured a Jack & Sally Backpack, but that was was a full backpack while The Nightmare Before Christmas “Simply Meant to Be” Mini Backpack is essentially a handbag. While that one was cute, this one is even more endearing. Made by Loungefly [...

Nightmare Before Christmas Deadly Nightshade Makeup Brush Set

GeekAlerts - 11 Aug 19 kl. 18:23

if you’re looking for a new set of cosmetics brushes, you’ll be hard-pressed to decide between this gorgeous new The Nightmare Before Christmas Deadly Nightshade Makeup Brush Set and the super cute Lilo & Stitch Makeup Brush Set. This one features a brush holder that [...

Nightmare Before Christmas Potion Jar Trinket Boxes

GeekAlerts - 04 Aug 19 kl. 05:03

These The Nightmare Before Christmas Potion Jar Trinket Boxes are the creative way to store your small mementos. Constructed of ceramic, these trinket containers are designed to look like Sally’s ingredient jars from The Nightmare Before Christmas. This set includes three ceramic containers labeled Deadly [...

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally Backpack

GeekAlerts - 07 Jul 19 kl. 03:23

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally Backpack is the perfect new backpack for those that want to celebrate true love. Besides for featuring an image of Jack Skellington and Sally from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas looking lovingly at one another, it reads [...

Google Calendar för webbläsaren verkar vara nere - 18 Jun 19 kl. 16:28

Oklart varför Som rubriken avslöjar så vekar Google Calendar vara nere för tillfället. Går man in på tjänsten via webbläsaren möts man av antingen av felkoderna 404, 503 eller så står kalendern bara och tuggar. Vad detta beror på är för tillfället oklart, men förhoppningsvis kommer Google styra upp situationen inom kort.

Mörka teman i alla Google-appar, kalendern härnäst - Allt om Google Android - 20 May 19 kl. 21:19

Google fortsätter att förbereda inför det systemomfattande mörka temat i höstens Android 10. Företagets appar får mörka bakgrunder så det står härliga till och nu har kalendern klätts i en ny skrud. Även den här gången räcker det inte med att ha senaste versionen av appen, då ändringen sker på serversidan – något vi tidigare sett i Drive.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Rag Doll Fragrance

GeekAlerts - 13 Feb 19 kl. 16:50

Inspired by Sally’s love for Jack, The Nightmare Before Christmas Rag Doll Fragrance is a delightful fragrance that comes in a stunning bottle that’s packaged in a collectible box. It contains a generous 3.4 ounces of fragrance that features notes of Jasmine, black currant, sandalwood, [...

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A townhouse of space and light

Emmas Designblogg - 14 Mar 14 kl. 17:46

    Amazing angles in this townhouse by German architects XTH-Berlin. The diagonal structures and openings allow the inhabitants too see through the entire house. Brutally simple, with very few materials (concrete, plywood and pine), this house is all about space and light.

When decorating turns into art

Emmas Designblogg - 11 Mar 14 kl. 01:06

    Fantastic Frank's latest home styling is actually balancing on the edge to being more of an art installation than home decorating. This serene, all white home is so beautiful, and completely un-liveable... I love it!

Basics from H&M Home

Emmas Designblogg - 06 Mar 14 kl. 18:18

    I am very into basic, anonymous design in my own home. I like surrounding myself with timeless things that no one can point out and say where they are from or how much they cost. Flashy things that just shout "designer piece" or "super expensive" aren't my thing, even if I appreciate good design.

The Asplund Stockholm Store

Emmas Designblogg - 06 Mar 14 kl. 07:03

    Speaking about Asplund (in my previous post), our last stop on the Design Bloggers United Stockholm Tour was at their store. Asplund had invited us for dinner together with three of their talented designers, so we got to spend our Friday night in beautiful surroundings, indulging in a delicious Turkish buffet, listening to interesting stories from Anya Sebton, Eva Lilja Löwenhielm and Johan Ridderstråle about their design process and inspirations. A wonderful end to our tour!

One Pic Wednesday: Home Office in White

Emmas Designblogg - 05 Mar 14 kl. 15:10

  This picture from Elle Decoration shows a very simple and quite minimalistic home office solution made from Ikea's kitchen cabinets. What totally "makes" the image though, are the graphic rugs from Asplund. I have had my eyes on them for years now, but since I never really felt the need for rugs in my home, I never got around to buying them.

Visiting DRY Things showroom/office

Emmas Designblogg - 03 Mar 14 kl. 20:00

    About a week ago I met up with photographer Mikael Axelsson again, to visit the combined showroom of DRY Things and office for Dry Creative Projects. They happen to be located in the house where I grew up, so it was a fun experience to see the place again, and step inside what once used to be a small upholstering workshop, and later on an umbrella repair shop, now turned into a beautiful workspace for this creative design team.             Dry Creative Projects is a creative studio with focus on creative direction, art direction and design, and they launched their own brand and webshop DRY Things out of a great passion for graphic design, product design and packaging.

Monday Mix #21

Emmas Designblogg - 03 Mar 14 kl. 13:20

The most stylish hashtag on Instagram

Emmas Designblogg - 28 Feb 14 kl. 11:53

    I just wanted to make sure that you have all seen the awesome styling competition that is going on over on Instagram right now. A whole bunch of my favorite stylists, photographers, bloggers and generally stylish and creative persons are having a friendly styling battle where they post still life pictures every day, and you don't want to miss it! They use the hashtag #stylingcompetition, so I collected their photos in a little widget here, but do click over to check them all out!

One Pic Wednesday: Art wall at Da Daa blog

Emmas Designblogg - 27 Feb 14 kl. 01:26

    Super cool cat print made by Susanna Vento's daughter, for sale here, as seen in the home of Anna from the Da Daa blog.

Apartment with brass cube by CKR

Emmas Designblogg - 25 Feb 14 kl. 22:37

    I just love this minimalist apartment designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune, shown during Stockholm Design Week a couple of weeks ago. Full of angles and squares, but the materials; leather, brass and wood in different hues, soften the impression.

Styling for Ferm Living

Emmas Designblogg - 25 Feb 14 kl. 17:32

    As promised, the second part of the photos me and Riikka made for Ferm Living. Grown up spaces this time with a kitchen and living theme, and I'm showing the black and white settings here, while Riikka has a bit more color over at her blog, so click over there to see the rest! If you missed our kids rooms last week, check them out here.

Monday Mix #20

Emmas Designblogg - 24 Feb 14 kl. 13:24

Black + Brown by A Merry Mishap

Emmas Designblogg - 23 Feb 14 kl. 00:02

    It's Saturday night and I'm trying to catch up on blog reading after a busy week, while at the same time preparing posts for next week since it's winter's holidays here, meaning I will be spending it running between Lego's, dolls and board games... And just in case you were wondering, no I did not miss the amazing apartment of Josefin Hååg that has been on every blog during the last week, neither did I miss the great work of Lotta Agaton's students where they styled String shelves in inspiring ways. I just didn't have time to blog them, and now I feel like it's too late.

Kids work space, in cooperation with Ferm Living

Emmas Designblogg - 19 Feb 14 kl. 17:00

    Last weekend I went to Helsinki to visit Riikka. We had a styling assignment to work on, given to us by Danish design brand Ferm Living. Our mission was to create four photos, two with children's products and two that were more focused on livingroom or kitchen.

Elle Decoration launches online image gallery

Emmas Designblogg - 18 Feb 14 kl. 12:33

    One of my favorite Swedish deco mags, Elle Decoration, just launched an image gallery on their site, loaded with hundreds of images in different styles, that you can browse and search according to what room, function or season you need ideas for. Now I'm just whishing for some way to sort the pictures by color as well, and this would be a perfect source of inspiration.