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Cuisinart Rotisserie Turkey Fryer

GeekAlerts - 12 Nov 18 kl. 13:37

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and this year you can make the best turkey ever with the Cuisinart Rotisserie Turkey Fryer. It will cook so much faster than an oven—cooking a 14-pound turkey in just over an hour—and it will be so [... Fortsätt läs..

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Turkiet stryper Twitter

Nyhetspressen - 04 Nov 16 kl. 07:44

Turkiet har blockerat tillgången till Twitter och Whatsapp, enligt organisationen Turkey Blocks, som bevakar inskränkningar av sociala medier i landet..

Press release - Press freedom in Turkey up for a debate late on Wednesday afternoon

Nyhetspressen - 26 Oct 16 kl. 14:00

Plenary sessions : The threats, violations and restrictions faced by journalists in Turkey will be debated with Commissioner Corina Creţu, representing EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, late on Wednesday afternoon. Since the 15 July failed coup d’état, which left 241 people dead and thousands injured, 90 journalists have been jailed, more than 2,500 have lost their jobs and arrest warrants have been issued against hundreds of media workers in the country. Source : © European Union, 2016 - EP.

Turkey furious at axeing of Swedish coup panel

Nyhetspressen - 15 Oct 16 kl. 12:08

Turkey has angrily reacted to the cancellation of a panel in Sweden about the failed July coup attempt seeking to oust the government from power, calling it a "blow" to the freedom of expression..

‘Don’t travel to Turkey’ Sweden urges tourists

Nyhetspressen - 16 Jul 16 kl. 14:44

After a night of violence in which 161 people are reported to have been killed in an apparently failed coup attempt, the Swedish Foreign Ministry has advised travelers to not embark on non-essential travel to Turkey..

"Vanligt kontorsjobb skulle aldrig funka"

Nyhetspressen - 19 Feb 16 kl. 06:52

De tävlar ihop, tränar varandra, har företag tillsammans och är föräldrar till en dotter. Anna Freskgård och William Nilson Fryer har trots långa arbetsveckor och en intensiv elitsatsning på fälttävlan, funnit balans i livet tillsammans..

Kurdish HDP-leader's toughest challenge

Nyhetspressen - 08 Jan 16 kl. 06:00

Selahattin Demirtaş, 43, leader of the Kurdish HDP party, might be facing Turkey's most difficult task: Being President Erdogan's strongest opponent. He is also expected to be a peacemaker and a patriot, and this is something no one else has managed. He himself hopes that the terrorist classified guerilla group PKK will lay down arms and break up into a peaceful party.

Anonymous tar på sig överbelastningsattack mot Turkiet - 27 Dec 15 kl. 09:00

Anser att Turkiet stödjer Islamska Staten Turkiet har drabbats av en rad cyberattacker nu i jul vilka hacktivistnätverket Anonymous säger sig ligga bakom och de uppger att man gjort detta för att man anser att Turkiet stödjer terrorgruppen IS (Daesh) genom att köpa olja från dem samt att ge skadade IS-terrorister vård. I överbelastningsattackerna har det bland annat varit svårt att komma åt webbsidor tillhörande turkiska banker, polis, universitet och andra offentliga institutioner. I ett uttalande säger Anonymous: "Turkey is supporting Daesh by buying oil from them, and hospitalising their fighters.

Bildbeviset: Har lämnat Liverpool

Sportbladets SillySeason - 29 Aug 15 kl. 17:35

Lazar Markovic är i Turkiet. 21-åringen har nu fotograferats på väg till Fenerbahce där han ska läkarundersökas inför utlåningen från Liverpool.   #LFC #Markovic has arrived in Turkey ahead of Fenerbahce transfer http://t.

Tracy Lawrence Holds Ninth Annual Mission Possible Turkey Fry

Musik & Lyrics - 01 Dec 14 kl. 22:20

Since 2006, Tracy Lawrence has given the homeless of Middle Tennessee something to be very thankful for when Thanksgiving rolls around. He held his ninth annual Mission Possible Turkey Fry on... [[ This is a content summary only.

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Masters Of The Universe Action Vinyls Flocked Battle Cat

GeekAlerts - 14 timmar sedan

This exclusive Masters Of The Universe Action Vinyls Flocked Battle Cat looks very detailed and features multiple points of articulation. The flocked finish really makes it special, and it features a saddle that fits other Action Vinyls figures. He-Man’s battle mount and the alter ego [...

Giant Doctor Who TARDIS Mug

GeekAlerts - 14 timmar sedan

They always say “it’s bigger on the inside” and with this Giant Doctor Who TARDIS Mug, it certainly is very big on the inside. Positively huge actually, with a 64-ounce capacity. Made of ceramic, this humongous TARDIS Mug is perfect for the thirstiest Dr.

Toy Story 4 – Official Trailer 2

GeekAlerts - 14 timmar sedan

  Back in March we saw the First Toy Story 4 Trailer, and just now Disney•Pixar released the Toy Story 4 – Official Trailer 2. Watch the Toy Story 4 – Official Trailer 2 from Disney•Pixar: Watch the final trailer for Toy Story 4, and [...

Brightburn – Final Trailer

GeekAlerts - Igår: 17:34

Brightburn will hit theaters in just a few days, making today a surprisingly late date for Sony to release the Brightburn – Final Trailer. The previous Brightburn Trailer was released back at the beginning of March. Brightburn was produced by James Gunn, directed by David [...

LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down #75810

GeekAlerts - Igår: 17:14

It seems that LEGO sets keep getting more creative, as evidenced by this brand new LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down #75810 building set. Once built, it takes just a flip to go from the real world and The Upside Down. Plus it comes with [...

Westworld Season III Teaser Trailer

GeekAlerts - Igår: 16:53

Game of Thrones may be over, but perhaps this Westworld Season III Teaser Trailer will convince you that there’s still a reason to keep that HBO subscription. If not, it’s at least an excuse to listen to some classic Pink Floyd. Westworld Season III is [...

Marvel Avengers Black Widow Heel Booties

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 16:48

These sexy Marvel Avengers Black Widow Heel Booties are not meant to be a copy of her normal footwear, but are inspired by the beautiful, intelligent, and powerful member of the Avengers. Yes, these Black Widow Heel Booties are inspired by Natasha Romanoff and designed [...

Funko Pop! Ghostbusters Stay Puft PEZ Dispenser

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 16:12

Funko has really raised the design game for PEZ, with their amazing stylized creations like this Funko Pop! Ghostbusters Stay Puft PEZ Dispenser. Other cool ones include Jack Skellington, Skeletor, Harry Potter, and Star Wars Jawa.

EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Watch

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 07:35

Wear this Alchemy Empire EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Watch on your wrist, and everyone will want to come over for a closer look. Open up the watch cover and as they look perplexed at the unique ‘Galvanic Scale’ dial face, they’ll probably look surprised once [...

Marvel Deadpool Taco Unicorn Mug

GeekAlerts - 18 May 19 kl. 17:46

If there’s one thing Deadpool like more than tacos, it’s unicorns. And if there’s one thing he likes more than unicorns, it’s tacos. OK, maybe the Merc with a Mouth can’t decide between the two, but you don’t need to when you get them both [...

Batman: Hush – Official Trailer

GeekAlerts - 18 May 19 kl. 02:18

Watch the Batman: Hush – Official Trailer for a glimpse at the newest upcoming DC Animated Movie Universe. This one is based on the acclaimed comic book story arc by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee and includes many favorite DC characters including Batman, Superman, Batgirl, [...

Harry Potter Signed Wand Collage

GeekAlerts - 17 May 19 kl. 15:42

If you’re flush with cash and a diehard Potterhead, you’ll want to check out this amazing Harry Potter Signed Wand Collage. It features a replica wand and a photo collage, and the best part is that it is signed by a number of cast members, [...

30% Off BoxLunch Flash Sale

GeekAlerts - 17 May 19 kl. 15:14

Every so often there is a 30% Off BoxLunch Flash Sale. It’s your opportunity to get some of the best deals possible on collectibles, toys, clothing, and more. These are usually just for one day, and that is true again as this sale is for [...

Child’s Play – Behind the Scenes: Bringing Chucky to Life

GeekAlerts - 17 May 19 kl. 15:03

These days many filmmakers overuse CGI effects. For the new Child’s Play Movie, coming to theaters on June 21, they primarily use animatronics for Chucky. Learn more about it in the Child’s Play – Behind the Scenes: Bringing Chucky to Life video.

Batwoman – First Look Trailer

GeekAlerts - 17 May 19 kl. 15:03

There’s a new Batwoman series coming this fall to The CW, which you can preview now in the Batwoman First Look Trailer. Batwoman (2019) stars Ruby Rose as Batwoman / Kate Kane and features Meagan Tandy, Nicole Kang, Camrus Johnson, Elizabeth Anweis, Rachel Skarsten, and [...