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Dunder Mifflin Employee of the Month License Plate Frame

GeekAlerts - 29 Jun 19 kl. 19:23

You’re no Micheal Scott, but somehow you scored Employee of the Month at the Scranton Branch of the Dunder Mifflin paper company. Show it off to everyone with the Dunder Mifflin Employee of the Month License Plate Frame. You don’t have to suffer through one [... Fortsätt läs..

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Vi gillar Samsungs annorlunda tv-apparater - 10 Sep 19 kl. 14:00

Kollade in the Frame och the Serif Den senaste i raden av annorlunda tv-apparater från Samsung är the Sero, men den vet man inte riktigt om den kommer hit ännu, så den hade man inte med till IFA-mässan i Berlin. Uppdaterade the Frame och the Serif är trots att de inte är helt nya produkter värda en titt. Läs vidare och kommentera: https://feber.

Brown butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Passion 4 baking - 05 Sep 19 kl. 14:42

Hi sweet readers; I hope you have had an amazing summer and look forward to a great autumn.  In the past 9 years, I have never taken a summer off, without publishing on my blog or other social media. This summer, I had a lot on my plate, projects to be taken care of, and [...

The Office Downsizing Board Game

GeekAlerts - 02 Sep 19 kl. 17:26

There’s nothing fun about downsizing, unless you’re playing The Office Downsizing Board Game. It’s a survival game—workplace survival—as you see if you can make it through the workweek as Dunder Mifflin without getting downsized. It’s the game that lets you roleplay as your favorite character [...

Friends Yellow Peephole Photo Frame

GeekAlerts - 01 Jul 19 kl. 16:45

You may have seen knockoffs before, but now you can get a high-quality Friends Yellow Peephole Photo Frame just like the one on Monica’s purple door in the television show. It is officially-licensed Friends merchandise. Constructed of polyresin, this 7.

Woman sentenced to jail after stealing pram with six-month-old baby inside

Nyhetspressen - 13 Mar 19 kl. 07:45

A woman who was suspected of kidnapping a six-month-old baby girl in Gothenburg has been sentenced to jail time for deprivation of liberty, after she said she hadn't realized the child was in the pram when she took it..

17.00: Se när Sollefteå hyllar Frida Karlsson

Nyhetspressen - 06 Mar 19 kl. 16:29

Frida Karlsson slog igenom med dunder och brak under VM i Seefeld, nu hyllas hon hemma i Sollefteå. SVT Sport sänder direkt..

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Quilted Jack Combat Boots

GeekAlerts - 18 timmar sedan

With winter practically here, you could probably use a new pair of boots. Fans of Jack Skellington will find The Nightmare Before Christmas Quilted Jack Combat Boots are what’s simply meant to be on your feet. These black lace-up combat boots are quilted on the [...

World’s Smallest Curling Set

GeekAlerts - 18 timmar sedan

Every four years you see curling on the Winter Olympics, and probably don’t see or hear about it otherwise (unless you’re Canadian?) You’ve probably never had a chance to play it and may need to Google it every 4 years to know what is going [...

SCOOB! – Official Teaser Trailer

GeekAlerts - Igår: 07:06

Check out the new SCOOB! Official Teaser Trailer that was released today by Warner Bros. While there were the live-action movies, this will be the first-ever full-length animated Scooby-Doo adventure for the big screen.

Ghostbusters Firehouse Light-Up Sign Prop Replica

GeekAlerts - Igår: 14:41

If you’re into authentic prop replicas from the Ghostbusters movies, such as the Proton Pack and Ghost Trap, you need to see this exclusive Ghostbusters Firehouse Light-Up Sign Prop Replica. Here at last, is your chance to own your very own Double-Sided Ghostbusters Firehouse sign! [...

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally Teacup Set

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 14:31

From what they say on the news, drinking tea helps you live a long and healthy life—provided there’s no Deadly Night Shade in it! So raise a cup of tea to true love and a long, happy life with The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & [...

The Invisible Man – Official Trailer

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 14:06

In this era of too many remakes, a new “The Invisible Man” may not be something that sounds very interesting. However, this one isn’t a remake, as it takes the story in a frightening new direction. Plus, it’s a horror film from Blumhouse Productions, so [...

Taco Bell Jingle Bells Taco Shells Ugly Christmas Sweater

GeekAlerts - 09 Nov 19 kl. 15:30

If you look at this Taco Bell Jingle Bells Taco Shells Ugly Christmas Sweater, and your first instinct is to shake your head and question the sanity of anyone that would wear something so gaudy, then you’re obviously are looking at a winner. Being ridiculously [...

Friends Central Perk Neon Light

GeekAlerts - 09 Nov 19 kl. 07:00

Turn your home into a fun little coffee shop where you can hang out with your friends, with the Friends Central Perk Neon Light. You don’t even have to worry about being a good host, since Joey and Rachel were not very good at waiting [...

LEGO IDEAS Dinosaur Fossils #21320

GeekAlerts - 08 Nov 19 kl. 14:41

LEGO always seems like an educational toy, aiding with everything from small motor skills and reading instructions to creativity and perseverance, and that goes double for the LEGO IDEAS Dinosaur Fossils #21320. It is comprised of 910 pieces that are used to build 1:32 scale [...

Rick and Morty Spaceship Dog Bed

GeekAlerts - 08 Nov 19 kl. 08:55

The new season of Rick and Morty kicks off on Sunday, and your best friend wants to watch it with you. Give your pupper the best seat in the house with this Rick and Morty Spaceship Dog Bed. It is designed to look like Rick’s [...

Soul – Official Teaser Trailer (Pixar)

GeekAlerts - 08 Nov 19 kl. 08:41

If you’re burned out of all the sequels, check out this Soul Official Teaser Trailer from Pixar. It’s a story about a musician, Joe Gardner, who lost his passion for music and is having an existential crisis. He’s transported out of his body and, with [...

FunkO’s Avatar: The Last Airbender Appa Cereal with Pocket Pop!

GeekAlerts - 07 Nov 19 kl. 07:28

Want a mini version of the Funko Appa Vinyl Figure? The way to get it is by buying FunkO’s Avatar: The Last Airbender Appa Cereal with Pocket Pop! Not only do you get a box of multigrain cereal, it includes an exclusive Appa Pocket Pop!

IT Pennywise Cosplay Cozy Slippers

GeekAlerts - 06 Nov 19 kl. 14:19

When you think of comfy and cozy, Pennywise from the movie It is probably not the first thing to come to mind, unless you have these IT Pennywise Cosplay Cozy Slippers. Yeah, clown shoes aren’t normally comfortable, but these ones are soft and cozy slippers. [...

Rick and Morty Existence is Pain Cap

GeekAlerts - 05 Nov 19 kl. 17:58

Rick and Morty Season 4 is just 5 days away, so you have that 30-minute respite from your painful existence to look forward to. (The first episode is entitled “Edge of Tomorty: Rick, Die, Rickpeat.”) The rest of your time, you’ll probably be in the [...

Bad Boys For Life – Official Trailer #2

GeekAlerts - 05 Nov 19 kl. 17:50

While this new Bad Boys For Life Official Trailer #2 looks quite a bit better than the first trailer from September, it’s still hard to hold out hope that the movie will be good when Sony is dumping it in theaters in January. Although another [...