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Fleksy launches alternative keyboard SDK for iOS

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 12 Dec 13 kl. 17:34

Apple doesn't let iPhone or iPad devices use a default replacement keyboard, but it does allow developers to make adjustments within their specific apps. That has opened the door for Fleksy, an iOS alternative keyboard that supports eyes-free typing by tapping on the standard keyboard layout and then flicking in different directions to make corrections. Fleksy can't become a system-wide keyboard, but it can inject itself into other apps to introduce a new typing experience. Fleksy has created a software kit that makes it easy for developers to insert the keyboard into their apps. Fortsätt läs..

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DJI presenterar värmekameran Zenmuse XT2 - 29 Mar 18 kl. 11:41

Och levererar SDK till utvecklare Drönartillverkarna DJI höll låda under gårdagen, men presenterade ingen ny drönare. I stället fick vi en ny värmekamera vid namn Zenmuse XT2 som gänget tagit fram tillsammans med FLIR. Den nya versionen har möjlighet att visa både vanlig bild tillsammans med en värmebild, vilket gör att användaren snabbt kan identifiera varma punkter i bilden.

Hejdå Bento - 19 Mar 18 kl. 12:00

Legendarisk internetkatt har gått vidare Från USA kommer uppgifter om att internetkatten Bento har 8 mars och blev nio år gammal. Bento är mest känd för att vara den så kallade "keyboard cat" som har dykt upp i otaliga viralklipp, reklamfilmer och annat sedan 2009. Bentos ägare är Charlie Schmidt och han spelade in den första videon med en katt som spelade keyboard redan 1984.

Most Swedes don't want country to go cash free: poll

Nyhetspressen - 19 Mar 18 kl. 08:42

Swedes may be happy using cards and alternative payment methods, but the majority don't want the country to scrap cash entirely, a new survey shows..

Apple har släppt iOS 11.2 - 02 Dec 17 kl. 13:10

Lite hastigt släpp berodde antagligen på en buggfix Apple släppte tidigare idag iOS 11.2 publikt till alla iOS-användare och det skedde vid en tidpunkt Apple vanligtvis inte släpper iOS-uppdateringar. Detta kan ha berott på att en datumbugg i iOS verkar ha upptäckts vilket fick vissa iOS-enheter att återställa sig 00:15 2 december.

Du som bytt från IOS till Android: Vad fick dig att byta och är du nöjd? - Allt om Google Android - 27 Nov 17 kl. 10:27

Om vi bortser från skaran som har kört Android redan från början är sannolikheten stor att de som bytt från en annan plattform till Android just har bytt från IOS. Apples operativsystem har varit det enda etablerade alternativet till Android på marknaden. Till skillnad mot den globala statistiken är IOS dessutom större än Android i Sverige – ett försprång på cirka fyra procentenheter under 2016, enligt IIS.

iOS 11 körs nu på 52 procent av alla iPhones och iPads - 08 Nov 17 kl. 14:00

Apple släpper officiella siffror Apple har släppt officiella siffror på hur många av iOS-användarna som kör senaste versionen av deras mobila operativsystem och i igår var det 52 procent av alla iOS-användare som gjorde det. Det är en långsammare takt av uppdatering jämfört med tidigare år. iOS 10 fanns till exempel på 60 procent av alla iOS-maskiner i november 2016 medan iOS 9 hade installerats på 67 procent av alla iOS-maskiner i november 2015.

Varning: IOS 10.3 kan aktivera avstängda Icloud-funktioner

Nyhetspressen - 05 Apr 17 kl. 14:13

Apple har gått ut med en varning till användare som har uppdaterat till IOS 10.3 men inte nya uppdateringen 10.3.

Därför är IOS 10.3 mer än bara en uppdatering i mängden

Nyhetspressen - 04 Apr 17 kl. 13:40

Ios 10.3 är mer än bara en dussinuppdatering. Här är genomgång av funktioner som är svåra att inte gilla..

Soundcloud får Chromecast-stöd - 03 Apr 17 kl. 13:00

iOS-versionen då Android-versionen av Soundcloud har haft Chromecast-stöd sedan hösten 2015 och nu är det dags för iOS-versionen att koppla upp sig till Chromecast-enheter och högtalare. För att använda Chromecast-stödet behöver ni bara uppdatera Soundcloud-appen, klicka på Chromecast-ikonen och välja valfri högtalare. blog.

Nu kör iOS Apple File System - 29 Mar 17 kl. 18:30

Dumpar filsystemet HFS+ i iOS 10.3 Den största uppdateringen i den senaste versionen av Apples mobila operativsystem iOS är en uppdatering som inte direkt syns för användarna. Det handlar om att Apple i iOS 10.

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Is Apple Prepping a 5.8-inch OLED iPhone?

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 09 Mar 16 kl. 02:17

Apple is fully expected to launch a smaller (iPhone Se) this month, but what about the company’s upcoming flagships that will launch at the end of year? The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus should be a near total overhaul of the current iPhone 6 range, and that could mean an even larger screen for the Plus, according to some reports. Digitimes (up and down on reliable content) says that Apple is working on an iPhone model that will sport a 5.

Apple Is Working On VR

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 31 Jan 16 kl. 00:07

We think of Apple like this. It is not the innovative company some would have you believe, instead Apple enters an existing but nascent market and makes defining products within it. That’s pretty admirable in itself, think how the iPod, iPhone, and iPad impacted their respective markets and you get the picture.

Hermes Apple Watch Available on Apple Online Store

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 20 Jan 16 kl. 13:45

The Hermes Apple Watch is something of an exclusive variant of the company’s first ever wearable. So exclusive in fact that it has only been available through some high end boutique shops, but that is about to change. Cupertino is now selling the Hermes Apple Watch Edition through its online Apple Store, meaning you can get the smartwatch from your own home.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus was the best performing smartphone of 2015

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 14 Jan 16 kl. 16:30

How the taste of irony must taste sweet for iPhone fans this morning. The iPhone 6s Plus has been named by benchmark software AnTuTu as the best performing smartphone it tested throughout 2015, beating all of its Android competitors by a fairly huge margin. Of course, many reading these pages will know that a criticism often levelled at Apple’s smartphones by Android fans is that the iPhone cannot compete with Android flagships in terms of raw performance.

Apple Dominates Enterprise Activations in Q3

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 25 Nov 15 kl. 22:10

Apple is continuing to make significant strides in the enterprise market and through the third quarter of this year (June 1 to September 30) the company was responsible for 66% of all enterprise devices activated. The company’s iOS platform, which includes iPhones and iPads, led the way in the market and rose 2% compared to the 64% enterprise activations in the second quarters. Interestingly Apple made the most headway in the tablet market, with the company’s iPad accounting for 71% of all enterprise slates activated in Q3.

Apple Dominating Mobile Profits (95% of all Money)

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 17 Nov 15 kl. 23:28

When you look at smartphone sales charts you will see Samsung leading Apple at the top of the market by a significant margin, while the result is even more emphatic if you compare Android sales to those of iOS. However, in terms of making cold hard cash (which of course is the reason why all companies are in the industry) Apple is simply unstoppable. Research from Canaccord Genuity revealed that Apple brought in 94% of all profit generated in the mobile industry through the third quarter of 2015.

Apple Creating PayPal Rival?

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 12 Nov 15 kl. 17:36

Last year Apple put itself into the finance sector with Apple Pay, the company’s mobile payment system that has been well received by consumers. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, Cupertino has wider aspirations and is going to launch a rival to PayPal during 2016. The outlet says that Apple is meeting with financial heavyweights JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Capital One Financial and U.

Firefox Browser now on iOS

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 12 Nov 15 kl. 16:33

Firefox is of course one of the leading browsers in the desktop space and Mozilla’s service has been available on Google’s Android for a long time. Apple’s iOS counterparts are different however and only recently has the browser been in beta for. After some wrangling with Apple, Mozilla has now launched the full Firefox app for iOS.

iPad Pro is Launched in United States

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 12 Nov 15 kl. 00:15

Apple’s giant iPad Pro is now available to buy the United States. The 12.9-inch slate is Apple’s most decked out tablet and is the company’s take on a true PC alternative.

Tim Cook: Wearable with FDA Approval a Possibility

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 10 Nov 15 kl. 15:54

While the Apple Watch has been a huge success and has become comfortably the most popular smartwatch on the market, it does have limitations. For example, it was not the game changer we thought it would be from a tech perspective and devices like the Microsoft Band have more robust health features. Apple is not discarding health though and in fact CEO Tim Cook says the company is still very interested in developing a wearable that delivers true healthcare potential.

iPad Pro Coming this Week?

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 09 Nov 15 kl. 15:05

When is the iPad Pro launching? The word from retailer Sam’s Club is that the device will start shipping on November 13th, with pre-orders starting right now. However, we have previously heard that the Pro will be landing in Apple Store fronts online and bricks and mortar in November 11th.

iOS 9 on 66 per cent of all compatible iPhones and iPads

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 04 Nov 15 kl. 15:46

Numbers announced by Apple today show that adoption to iOS 9, including the newly launched iOS 9.1 is going swimmingly, with some 66 per cent of all compatible iPhone and iPads now running the software. iOS 9 is the latest full build release of Cupertino’s mobile platform, and it seems as though customers are eager to get it.

Apple Working on iPhone 6c for 2016 Launch

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 04 Nov 15 kl. 15:40

Apple has had a busy couple of months, rolling out a number of new products, including two news iPhones and two new iPads. However, at the iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus launch event, one variant of the all-conquering smartphone was not unveiled. We are talking about the iPhone 6c, which was widely tipped to land at the event as a replacement for the iPhone 5c.

Apple iOS 9.2 Beta Profile Open to Everyone

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 30 Oct 15 kl. 00:49

The Public Beta of iOS 9.2 has been made available to everyone by Apple, or at least those who have a compatible iPhone that is. The days of betas being solely for developers has long gone, and if you so choose you can check out build 9.

Apple Continues to Target Android

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 28 Oct 15 kl. 05:06

Apple continues to sell huge amounts of iPhones, despite missing optimistic analyst prediction the company is thriving and making vastly more money than any other mobile brand. CEO Tim Cook was in good mood after Cupertino’s fiscal fourth quarter earnings call, saying the company is taking the fight to Android and starting to make serious headway in China. Cook claimed that a massive 30% of all iPhone sales in the last quarter came from consumers who were switching to Apple’s iOS from Android.