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KENZA - 25 Sep 19 kl. 15:00

– This post is in collaboration with Daniel Wellington – Wearing the new Iconic Link from Daniel Wellington! Get 15% off with my code KENZAS. En outfit från häromdagen! På min handled ser ni en alldeles ny klockmodell från Daniel Wellington. Fortsätt läs..

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Apple 'furious' after Stockholm rejects plan for flagship store in iconic park

Nyhetspressen - 12 Feb 19 kl. 08:16

Stockholm's decision to scrap plans to allow Apple to build a new flagship store in the Swedish capital caused the tech giant to move to sever its ties with the city, according to a councillor..

Swedes rally to protect arson-prone yule goat

Nyhetspressen - 21 Sep 16 kl. 11:07

The Swedish town of Gävle has vowed to call in extra guards on the 50th anniversary of its iconic Christmas goat to protect the straw animal from again being torched by arsonists..

This could become Sweden's biggest home for refugees

Nyhetspressen - 18 Feb 16 kl. 08:02

An iconic vessel which once travelled the globe as the world's largest cruise ship could provide a temporary home for up to 1,800 refugees in Sweden if migration agency plans go ahead..

Is Gävle Sweden's most random city?

Nyhetspressen - 25 Dec 15 kl. 09:25

What do a giant straw goat, Cat Stevens and Sweden's most iconic sweets have in common? They all have links to Gävle, the biggest city in east Sweden, but barely known abroad..

Superman Iconic Coaster Bottle Opener

GeekAlerts - 29 Oct 15 kl. 14:27

This Superman Iconic Coaster Bottle Opener pulls double duty, acting as both a coaster and a bottle opener. Just pop the top with the bottle opener area and then put your drink right on it. It features the classic Superman logo on one side and a Superman figure on the back side.

Star Wars Iconic Character Plate Set 4-Pack

GeekAlerts - 20 May 15 kl. 12:30

This Star Wars Iconic Character Plate Set 4-Pack looks awesome. These retro styled plates will look great on your table. You get four bold and bright designs featuring Yoda, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and R2-D2.

Joe Cocker, Iconic Rock Singer, Dead at 70

Musik & Lyrics - 23 Dec 14 kl. 13:05

Singer-songwriter Joe Cocker, known for his distinct, bluesy voice and his? heartfelt? renditions of Beatles classics, died in his Colorado home on?

Superman Iconic Pool Stick

GeekAlerts - 19 Nov 13 kl. 12:46

This Superman Iconic Pool Stick will help you up your pool game and give you some DC Comics style at the same time. It’s perfect for any Metropolis pool hall. This Superman pool cue features Superman’s red and blue color scheme and even comes with its own carrying case.

Doctor Who Abbey Road Crewneck Sweatshirt

GeekAlerts - 29 Oct 13 kl. 11:00

An iconic scene gets a Whovian twist on the Doctor Who Abbey Road Crewneck Sweatshirt, as The Beatles clear the scene to make way for a quartet of familiar villains.

Nokia Changes up the Iconic “Nokia Tune”

Daily Mobile - Allt om Mobiltelefoner - 18 Jul 13 kl. 20:32

Every couple of years Nokia decides to switch it up and refresh it's iconic ringtone which is heard an estimated 1.8 billion times per day, about 20,000 times per second. Normally it's not a huge change just enough to keep it current well they have just done it again and posted them up on their official page Nokia Conversations for the world to hear.

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KENZA - 16 timmar sedan

*contains adlinks for Ivyrevel Adlinks/reklamlänkar: Ivyrevel pants here, sweater here, coat here (I’m wearing size 36) // bag from Balenciaga // sneakers from Adidas Fotade bara denna look med mobilen när jag och Aleks var på stan (och gick runt Djurgården där alla träden började bli gula! så fint) men det är väl bättre än inget. Ni kanske inte ens bryr er om mina bilder är tagna med mobil eller kamera, men när man äger en proffskamera som inte direkt var billig så får man lite ångest när man fotar massor med mobilen istället haha..


KENZA - Igår: 13:15

Nikola 4 months old! Weight: 8,2 kg (+0,7 kg since last month % +4 kg since birth) Length: 67 cm (+2 cm since last month & +13 cm since birth) Det är dags för Nikolas 4-månadersuppdatering! Sätter ihop inlägget med hjälp av era förslag (tack!


KENZA - i förrgår: 11:15

Jacket and skirt from Dagmar, boots from Zara, sweater from Ivyrevel here (adlink/reklamlänk) En liten favorit i repris! Bar detta set för exakt ett år sedan när jag bar på en liten (okej rätt så stor) hemlis. En 6-7 veckors gammal Nikola.


KENZA - 12 Oct 19 kl. 18:11


KENZA - 11 Oct 19 kl. 19:19

Nikola shows our mood today ZzzZzz Hej bloggen! Hur mår ni? Jag mår helt okej men jag känner mig kass som varken uppdaterar här eller på instagram.


KENZA - 09 Oct 19 kl. 16:00

– In collaboration with Rapunzel of Sweden – My hair before attaching the hairband Unpacking the hairband! I’ve used the one to the left before, that’s why it’s a bit wavy still :-) With the hairband on! Did some superquick waves in my own hair before attaching the hairband.


KENZA - 09 Oct 19 kl. 12:23

This morning! Något jag saknat de senaste månaderna sedan jag blev mamma är rutiner, så nu har jag bestämt att det här blir vår nya rutin på onsdagsmorgonen! Jag kliver upp när Aleks går till jobbet, äter frukost och ammar och så Nikola sover en stund.


KENZA - 07 Oct 19 kl. 18:51

Saturday night with my besties! I wore shirt dress from House of CB and heels from Zara Jäklar vad kul det var att göra sig fin och träffa upp sina bästa tjejkompisar för en middag ute! Jag, Nadia, Mika och Dilay tog en middag och några drinkar på Kasai och det var så himla trevligt.


KENZA - 06 Oct 19 kl. 16:00


KENZA - 04 Oct 19 kl. 10:21


KENZA - 30 Sep 19 kl. 11:42

At a photoshoot a few weeks ago Ny vecka och vi har inte så supermycket planerat än så länge. Men såhär ser vår vecka ut iallafall! PS.


KENZA - 29 Sep 19 kl. 15:23

*contains adlinks for Ivyrevel Wearing Ivyrevel coat HERE and sweater HERE (the pants are also Ivyrevel but sold out) // boots from Asos // bag from Saint Laurent Hej bloggen! Har precis kommit hem efter att ha käkat brunch på Daily’s med Mika, Dilay och Miléa. Så mysigt!


KENZA - 28 Sep 19 kl. 15:53


KENZA - 25 Sep 19 kl. 15:00

– This post is in collaboration with Daniel Wellington – Wearing the new Iconic Link from Daniel Wellington! Get 15% off with my code KENZAS. En outfit från häromdagen!


KENZA - 25 Sep 19 kl. 10:35

At yesterday’s walk! Tights from Aim’n sportswear, hoodie from Anine Bing (my favorite one!!), jacket from Acne Studios, sneakers from Balenciaga (yes I know I need to find myself a pair of real walking shoes instead haha) God morgon!