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Nintendo Game Boy Themed Luggage

GeekAlerts - 26 Sep 13 kl. 12:00

The Nintendo Game Boy was awesome. You could game anywhere and back then we didn’t even care about the lack of color. You know what else goes anywhere? Luggage. Fortsätt läs..

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Fuck boy

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Rolling Kids Luggage

GeekAlerts - 11 Aug 18 kl. 06:44

Your children can travel in style with this Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Rolling Kids Luggage. Shaped like the train that can take you from King’s Cross Station Platform 9¾ to Hogsmeade station, this rolling luggage is perfect for your little wizard, whether they’re going to [...

Nintendo Switch går online under andra halvan av september - 10 Aug 18 kl. 11:00

På tiden kanske Nintendo har länge pratat om sin kommande onlinetjänst som heter Nintendo Switch Online. Men när denna betaltjänst skulle släppas har de inte varit allt för specifika med. I dag meddelade Nintendo att Nintendo Switch Online kommer lanseras under andra halvan av september.

Snubbe bygger roulettebord med Nintendo Labo - 09 Aug 18 kl. 12:45

Avancerat bygge i kartong Vi har under året fått se en del rätt spektakulära byggen som Nintendo Switch-användare byggt med Nintendos kartongbyggsatser Labo och här kommer ytterligare en sådan skapelse. YouTube-användare "zanza_klaus" har spikat ihop ett fullt fungerande automatiskt roulettebord med Labo. Till bygget har han använt fyra stycken joy-cons vilkas ir-läsare håller koll på spelets funktioner och sedan visas resultatet på Nintendo Switch skärm.

Nu är det dags för en ny Nintendo Direct - 08 Aug 18 kl. 15:45

Med fokus på Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Om ungefär en kvart ska Nintendo sända sitt Super Smash Bros. Ultimate-fokuserade Nintendo Direct.

Nästa Nintendo Direct hålls 8 augusti - 06 Aug 18 kl. 13:40

Fullt fokus på Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo har meddelat att det är dags för lite Smash-nyheter på onsdag. Klockan 16:00 på onsdag kommer nästa Nintendo Direct att släppas och fokus kommer ligga helt på Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Mer specifikt vad som kommer presenteras är för tillfället okänt, men spelets regissör Masahiro Sakurai kommer i alla fall leverera ny information.

Nintendo har sålt över 20 miljoner Switch - 31 Jul 18 kl. 10:30

Och gör vinst! Det var inte allt för länge sedan som kvartalsrapporter från Nintendo var en sorglig läsning. Nu är det annorlunda och anledningen är så klart Switch.

Swedish teen dies after being bitten by dog in the throat

Nyhetspressen - 28 Jul 18 kl. 15:41

A 15-year-old boy from central Sweden died on Friday after sustaining lethal bite wounds to his throat during an attack by an American bulldog..

Nytt Labo-kit till Nintendo Switch - 27 Jul 18 kl. 11:15

Bygg bil, flygplan och ubåt av kartong Nintendo har presenterat ett tredje paket i sin Nintendo Labo-serie med vilket Nintendo Switch-användare kan bygga ihop diverse kreationer med hjälp av kartong. Med "Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit" blir det möjligt för Nintendo Switch-användare att bygga ihop skapelser som ska efterlikna en bil, ett flygplan samt en ubåt. Byggsatserna levereras med ett än så länge namnlöst spel där spelaren ska använda Labo-modellerna för att ta sig fram på en ö och leta efter skatter där.

Rick and Morty: The Ricks Must Be Crazy Multiverse Game

GeekAlerts - 26 Jul 18 kl. 12:04

Rick and Morty: The Ricks Must Be Crazy Multiverse Game is a brand new board game from Cryptozoic Entertainment. In the game, you introduce marvelous power-making technology to the worlds you’ve created (stealing most of it for yourself) as you can take on the roles [...

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Nachosaurus Dip and Snack Bowls

GeekAlerts - 12 timmar sedan

Add some fun to your snacking with these Nachosaurus Dip and Snack Bowls. When you add nacho chips to the dinosaur bowl, they form the distinctive upright plates on the back of the Stegosaurus. The included two compartment dip bowl is perfect for salsa and [...

Captain America Shield – Marvel Masterworks Film Prop Duplicate

GeekAlerts - 13 timmar sedan

Like the Iron Man Mark I Helmet, this Captain America Shield – Marvel Masterworks Film Prop Duplicate is a very high-end limited edition collectible that will be made upon order by Russell Bobbitt, Head of Props for Marvel Studios, and his team. It is an [...

Godzilla: King of the Monsters IMAX Trailer

GeekAlerts - 14 timmar sedan

Recently, the Godzilla: King of the Monsters Trailer was released, and now comes the Godzilla: King of the Monsters IMAX Trailer. It’s essentially the same trailer, except that it is a bit brighter and higher contrast, which is quite nice given how dark and muddy this [...

Fallout 76 – Vault-Tec Presents: Let’s Work with Others! Multiplayer Video

GeekAlerts - 14 timmar sedan

Like the recent Being a Better You! Perks Video, Fallout 76 – Vault-Tec Presents: Let’s Work with Others! Multiplayer Video is also done in a style that parodies old-fashioned workplace training films.

Fallout 76 – Vault-Tec Presents: Being a Better You! Perks Video

GeekAlerts - 14 timmar sedan

Fallout 76 – Vault-Tec Presents: Being a Better You! Perks is a fun video in the style of old-fashioned workplace training films. Its goal is to introduce Fallout 76’s Perk system, which allows you to customize your character with a new card-based system, to be the [...

Extra 25% Off Disney Shop Clearance Event

GeekAlerts - 22 timmar sedan

Save an Extra 25% Off already-reduced prices in the Disney Shop Clearance Event! Remember Disney now owns Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar, so you can save on a lot more than just Mickey Mouse merchandise. In all, there are 187 items on sale.

Rick and Morty Szechuan Hot Tub Jigsaw Puzzle

GeekAlerts - Igår: 15:24

In the first episode of season 3 of Rick and Morty, The Rickshank Rickdemption, Rick talks about how much he loves the McDonald’s Szechuan Chicken McNugget Sauce. In fact, he loves that “Mulan McNugget sauce” so much that he would probably bathe in it if [...

ThinkGeek Back to School Sale

GeekAlerts - Igår: 15:01

Save up to 80% off on over 600 items at the ThinkGeek Back to School Sale! You can save on things like clothing, bedding, shoes, watches, rugs, gadgets, clocks, backpacks, hoodies, t-shirts, wallets, and much more. Find hot deals on merchandise from Harry Potter, Star [...

Darth Vader Faux Leather Men’s Racer Jacket

GeekAlerts - Igår: 05:24

While Star Wars fans will immediately notice the Darth Vader inspired design elements in this Darth Vader Faux Leather Men’s Racer Jacket, the average person may just think it is just a cool motorcycle jacket. Yet on closer inspection the Star Wars elements become more [...

Marvel Deadpool Chimichanga Cologne

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 15:52

When you want to smell your best, you should reach for Marvel Deadpool Chimichanga Cologne. Fortunately, it doesn’t smell anything like Mexican food. Instead, it is a complex fragrance with notes of citrus, jasmine, cedar, sweet musk, green apple, coconut, banana, fresh green herbs, lavender, [...

Lion King Scar Lounger

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 15:29

Fans of The Lion King know that Scar is Mufasa’s younger brother and Simba’s uncle. He’s the main villain of the film, yet he’s also a character many people can relate to. If you’re one of them, this Lion King Scar Lounger would be perfect [...

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Gameplay Launch Trailer

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 08:57

While the Marvel’s Spider-Man – Gameplay Launch Trailer is amazing, it doesn’t seem to actually show much gameplay. Watch Marvel’s Spider-Man – Gameplay Launch Trailer from Marvel Entertainment: Swing through the streets of New York in Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4. Peter Parker’s world is [...

DOOM Eternal – Official Gameplay Reveal

GeekAlerts - 14 Aug 18 kl. 03:01

While the DOOM Eternal Teaser Trailer from E3 was cool, it lacked detailed information and gameplay action. It’s all made up for in the DOOM Eternal – Official Gameplay Reveal from QuakeCon. This video is packed with information on the game and features over 15 [...

Real Fossil Megalodon Teeth

GeekAlerts - 13 Aug 18 kl. 05:31

While The Meg, currently in theaters scaring audiences, is clearly fiction, megalodons are real. They aren’t terrorizing beach-goers and boaters because this species of giant sharks went extinct millions of years ago, but you can still find and buy Real Fossilized Megalodon Teeth. Pictured at [...

Combat Condiments – Grenade Shaped Dispensers

GeekAlerts - 12 Aug 18 kl. 14:01

Add some fun to your backyard barbeque with these Combat Condiments – Grenade Shaped Dispensers. It comes in a set of two, and you just flip the top and squeeze to dispense the condiment onto your hotdog, burger, or other food. With the red and [...