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Oreo Cheesecake

Passion 4 baking - 29 May 14 kl. 10:06

(Go here to see this recipe in English.) God morgen alle sammen, mange av dere har sikkert fri noen dager nå siden det er Kristi himmelfartsdag. Håper dere koser dere massevis. Har du egg, kremost og deilige oreokjeks hjemme så kan du lage en supergod Oreo Cheesecake i dag. Fortsätt läs..

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Passion 4 baking - 26 Mar 18 kl. 14:20

In Norway we have one famous cake; called success cake ( suksessterte)  it has a gooey almond bunn, topped with a delicious custard cream,  I have a video →here where you can see how to make it. The cake is delicious, and the cream of this famous Norwegian cake is a custard. I then add [...

Samsungs tidsplan för Android Oreo - Allt om Google Android - 12 Mar 18 kl. 13:44

Samsung i Kanada har publicerat en preliminär tidsplan för när en rad enheter kommer att erhålla uppdateringen till Android 8 Oreo. Även om tiden sannolikt varierar mellan regioner kan det ge kunder en idé om när uppdateringarna landar. Först och främst sägs Galaxy Note 8 få skarpa Oreo 28 mars.

 Mississippi Mud Pie, CAKE

Passion 4 baking - 01 Mar 18 kl. 19:24

Hi sweet readers, Mississippi Mud Pie is one of those classic pies — a staple in most diners and caf´s — that finds itself being served far beyond its Mississippi borders.  This version of this renowned pie begins in an Oreo crust, which is filled with a delicious fudge brownie layer, followed by a luscious [...] The post  Mississippi Mud Pie, CAKE appeared first on Passion 4 baking :::GET INSPIRED:::.

Google Pixel 2 får Android 8.1 som OTA-uppdatering - Allt om Google Android - 07 Dec 17 kl. 22:03

Google Pixel 2 har alldeles nyss fått Android 8.1 i form av en OTA-uppdatering direkt till telefonen. Förhoppningsvis finns även OTA-uppdateringen för det större syskonet Pixel 2 XL, även om vi inte har kunnat bekräfta detta än.

Nu är det Android Wears tur att få smaka på Oreo - 07 Dec 17 kl. 13:30

Android 8.0 kommer till smarta klockor Android 8.0 Oreo rullar för tillfället ut på diverse mobila enheter, men nu har även smarta klockor börjat få den nya mjukvaran.

Oreo börjar skickas ut till Android Wear-klockor idag - Allt om Google Android - 07 Dec 17 kl. 10:53

Google har i smyg börjat skicka ut Oreo till Android Wear-enheter. Ett tecken på att plattformen hamnat en smula i skymundan är att nyheten tillhandahålls genom ett kort inlägg av Google-anställda Hoi Lam på Google+. Han skriver att uppdateringen kommer fram vid olika tidpunkter beroende på modell och tillverkare.

Google färdigställer Android 8.1 – tillgänglig för nedladdning - Allt om Google Android - 06 Dec 17 kl. 09:06

Under tisdagskvällen påbörjade Google utrullningen av skarpa Android 8.1 Oreo. December månads säkerhetsuppdatering ingår, vilken bland annat åtgärdar WiFi-luckan Krack.

Android 8.0 Oreo trillar in på HTC U11 - 27 Nov 17 kl. 11:15

Den olåsta varianten Äger du en HTC U11 som inte är operatörslåst? Då har vi goda nyheter då du under dagen kommer få möjlighet att ladda ner den senaste mjukvaran till telefonen som baseras på Android 8.0 Oreo.

OnePlus rullar ut betamjukvara med Oreo till 5 - 27 Nov 17 kl. 09:30

Bara att ladda ner och flasha OnePlus lovade i samband med releasen av 5T att deras tidigare enheter kommer uppdateras till Oreo inom kort. 3 och 3T fick Oxygen OS 5.0 förra veckan och nu är det dags för 5 att få smaka på Oreo.

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Passion 4 baking - 04 Apr 18 kl. 20:10

Hi, sweet readers ♥ I hope you all had an amazing Easter. Sharing a delicious recipe today; A moist chocolate cake, carved out in the middle, filled with raspberry mousse and topped with fluff and sprinkles. This cake has the perfect balance when it comes to taste, the chocolate cake and the fresh raspberry mousse with a [...


Passion 4 baking - 01 Apr 18 kl. 10:49

Hi sweet readers ♥ I hope you are enjoying Easter, and that you have been baking something delicious baked goods either from my blog or my baking book → Love Manuela. A few weeks ago I was in Chicago to attend the→ housewares show. Some hours before my flight back to Sweden; I decided to visit this [...


Passion 4 baking - 31 Mar 18 kl. 08:44

Happy Easter everyone; I love chocolate chip cookies, A warm chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk who can resist that! My children, they love their chocolate chip cookie without nuts and they love it when I add a mix of dark and milk morsels. The happiness on their faces when I baked these cookies yesterday, [...

Chewy and Crunchy Lion Bars ( Copy-Cat )

Passion 4 baking - 28 Mar 18 kl. 19:50

Hi, sweet readers ♥ The weather in Sweden was amazing today, it was sunny and a beautiful clear sky. I went for a long walk today and I made a pie, ( recipe coming soon)  I also made these copy-cat Lion bars, they are chewy and so crunchy! First time I made these Lion Bars was on [...

Homemade Traditional English licorice

Passion 4 baking - 27 Mar 18 kl. 12:08

English licorice, or licorice allsorts, is a classic, old-fashioned confection. I just love the ones with coconut and black licorice – one bite and I am in heaven. Luckily these delicious confections are easy to make, and my version is made from almonds and coconut.


Passion 4 baking - 26 Mar 18 kl. 14:20

In Norway we have one famous cake; called success cake ( suksessterte)  it has a gooey almond bunn, topped with a delicious custard cream,  I have a video →here where you can see how to make it. The cake is delicious, and the cream of this famous Norwegian cake is a custard. I then add [...

International Waffle Day

Passion 4 baking - 25 Mar 18 kl. 14:57

Today is such a lovely day; I was up early I felt like cleaning my kitchen at 07:00!!! It must be that spring is in the air. I love to start Monday with a clean kitchen.


Passion 4 baking - 23 Mar 18 kl. 16:11

These pastel Amaretti cookies are perfect for Easter. The flavor of these cookies reminds me a lot of my Norwegian almond cookies the ingredients are almost the same. These cookies become crispier and crunchier the longer they sit, so make sure to not overbake these.


Passion 4 baking - 22 Mar 18 kl. 09:00

   Hi sweet readers ♥  Hope you all are having a lovely day so far,  today I am sharing the recipe for vacuum cleaner cake, Swedish dammsugare like these are called in Sweden. These are perfect for Easter.  Bakeries save their (cake) leftovers and use them to make a long log wrapped in marzipan.


Passion 4 baking - 21 Mar 18 kl. 20:06

Hi sweet readers♥ It´s easter soon, and one of the things I love to bake is Cupcakes. This white vanilla cupcake is delicious, make sure you read the instructions well, especially if you don’t have cake flour. I decorated this cupcake with fluffy vanilla cream and an Easter candy!


Passion 4 baking - 20 Mar 18 kl. 16:10

Hi sweet readers, Easter is around the corner, and if you still haven’t figured out what to make for Easter dessert, let me help you, to make that choice! This Daim ice cream cake is made the old-fashioned way, using lots of egg yolks and whipped cream. This recipe is not the same as in my [...


Passion 4 baking - 17 Mar 18 kl. 21:14

Lemon is one of my top five favorite flavors to use when I bake, and I love a good lemon cake. This Lemon & Ricotta Pound Cake is so easy to make and is super moist. I drizzled the top with warm lemon syrup and topped with a white lemon glaze.


Passion 4 baking - 17 Mar 18 kl. 15:46

Hi everyone; I just came back from Chicago, Each year I am invited to visit the Housewareshow, by  → I am also one of their contributors on their website → This year → theinspiredhome.


Passion 4 baking - 16 Mar 18 kl. 18:58

Hi everyone; I have been in Chicago this past week, and I did not find the time to do any blog-post while as was there. I was invited by the houseware show, it is my fifth year going there, so many beautiful pastel items I found on the show.( more to come on that in a separate blog-post!


Passion 4 baking - 07 Mar 18 kl. 11:04

These buns are definitely one of my top 5 favorite buns, they are so fresh and so delicious! These buns I have filled with lemon curd, frozen mountain blueberries, and glaze. After you bake these a lot of the lemon curd will/might fall off onto the baking-plate and that is just perfect as it gives [...