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Star Wars T-Shirts: X-Wing Blueprint

GeekAlerts - 03 Jan 15 kl. 13:33

Fans of the X-Wing ships, the rebellion’s choice of fighter, are going to enjoy wearing the ship on their chest with this Star Wars T-Shirts: X-Wing Blueprint T-Shirt. Not only does it look good, it also features detailed information on this vehicle. Wear it and study it. Fortsätt läs..

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Trailer till Star Wars Resistance - 18 Aug 18 kl. 09:00

Mera animerat från Star Wars-universumet Disney har tagit fram ännu en animerad Star Wars-serie och den här gången handlar det om en serie man kallar för Star Wars Resistance som kommer att börja sändas på Disney Channel i höst. Händelserna i Star Wars Resistance utspelar sig mellan de båda Star Wars-filmerna Return of the Jedi och The Force Awakens. I huvudrollen syns piloten Kazuda Xiono som ska spionera på The First Order åt motståndsrörelsen.

Darth Vader Faux Leather Men’s Racer Jacket

GeekAlerts - 15 Aug 18 kl. 05:24

While Star Wars fans will immediately notice the Darth Vader inspired design elements in this Darth Vader Faux Leather Men’s Racer Jacket, the average person may just think it is just a cool motorcycle jacket. Yet on closer inspection the Star Wars elements become more [...

Star Wars R2-D2 Anywhere Beanbag

GeekAlerts - 10 Aug 18 kl. 14:02

Even though the Death Star is round, and thus better shaped for a Beanbag, this Star Wars R2-D2 Anywhere Beanbag still looks really nice. It might be a good idea to have one of each, to bring balance to the Force. It would also go [...

Disney ryktas lägga 100 miljoner dollar på Star Wars-tvserie - 07 Aug 18 kl. 12:30

Tio miljoner dollar per avsnitt New York Times har snackat Star Wars med Disney och bland annat fått reda på att den Star Wars-tvserie som man håller på att utveckla har en budget på 100 miljoner dollar. Det borde innebära att man har satt av runt 10 miljoner dollar per avsnitt till tv-serien som förväntas börja sändas på Disneys kommande streamingtjänst. Det handlar om den tv-serie på tio avsnitt som Jon Favreau sedan tidigare meddelat att han kommer att göra.

Disney får inte streama de första Star Wars-filmerna - 03 Aug 18 kl. 18:15

Åtminstone inte innan 2024 Nästa år drar Disney igång en egen streamingtjänst men nu ser det ut som om man inte kommer att kunna streama de Star Wars-filmer som släpptes mellan 1977 - 2005. Detta beror på att Disney 2016 sålde sändningsrättigheterna för dessa Star Wars-filmer till Turner Broadcasting och då ingick även streamingrättigheterna till filmerna. Avtalet löper på åtta år vilket innebär att Disney, om man inte lyckas köpa tillbaka rättigheterna, inte kan visa de första Star Wars-filmerna förrän 2024.

Tested tar en titt på lite Star Wars-statyetter - 30 Jul 18 kl. 16:15

Från EFX Collectibles EFX Collectibles var på plats på Comic-Con och gänget fick besök från Tested som tog tillfället i akt för att titta på företagets senaste Star Wars-alster. Läs vidare och kommentera: http://feber.

Millennium Falcon Duvet Cover & X-Wing Pillowcases

GeekAlerts - 30 Jul 18 kl. 06:55

Awesome bedding, like this Millennium Falcon Duvet Cover & X-Wing Pillowcase Set can transform your bedroom with a new style. It may not be as impressive as switching out your bed to the Millennium Falcon Bed or X-Wing Bed, but it is a whole lot [...

BoxLunch 25% Off Star Wars Sale

GeekAlerts - 30 Jul 18 kl. 05:26

As a geek, it is great that there is more Star Wars merchandise than ever. Yet who can afford to buy all the cool stuff? Fortunately, this BoxLunch 25% Off Star Wars Sale will help you buy more for less with some great deals.

Carrie Fisher och Billy Dee Williams med i Star Wars: Episode IX - 28 Jul 18 kl. 09:12

Vänta nu, Carrie Fisher? På onsdag så börjar episode IX av Star Wars-sagan att spelas in. Disney har nu tillkännagett vilka som kommer att vara med och bland skådespelarna hittar vi Billy Dee Williams som Lando Calrissian, Mark Hamill som Luke Skywalker och Anthony Daniels som C-3PO.

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Battlefield 5 ‘The Company’ Trailer

GeekAlerts - 1 timme sedan

As shown in the Battlefield 5 ‘The Company’ Trailer, assembling a customized squad of soldiers, weapons, and vehicles is not just possible in the game for the first time in franchise history, it is incredibly important for success as you battle through World War II. [...

Fallout 76 – Vault-Tec Presents: A New American Dream Video

GeekAlerts - 2 timmar sedan

Bethesda has been continually releasing Vault-Tec Presents videos to promote Fallout 76. Each introduces an important gameplay element and is done as a humorous cartoon in the style of old-fashioned government public information films. The latest was released today: Fallout 76 – Vault-Tec Presents: A [...

SpongeBob SquarePants Krusty Krab Butter Dish

GeekAlerts - 17 timmar sedan

I don’t have a butter dish. I don’t know why since I like butter, and I prefer when it is spreadable instead of cold and hard right out of the fridge. I guess I just never saw a butter dish I wanted, until now, with [...

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden – Announcement Trailer

GeekAlerts - 17 timmar sedan

When news of this game first broke, it appeared to be refreshingly different and incredibly cool. Now we finally know when we will get to play it, with the Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden – Announcement Trailer. Spoiler: it will be coming to the [...

Life is Strange 2 Official Reveal Trailer

GeekAlerts - 18 timmar sedan

Life is Strange was a hit when it came out in 2015, and finally, the sequel is on its way. Check out the Life is Strange 2 Official Reveal Trailer to learn what this new 5-part narrative adventure from DONTNOD Entertainment has in store. Life [...

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – PC Technology Trailer

GeekAlerts - 23 timmar sedan

When Shadow of the Tomb Raider launches on September 14, 2018, it will be packed with the latest technology to deliver an amazing experience on high-end gaming computers. Watch the Shadow of the Tomb Raider – PC Technology Trailer (available in up to 4K resolution) [...

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Know Your Enemy

GeekAlerts - Igår: 05:30

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Know Your Enemy is a short but exciting trailer that shows some of the dangerous adversaries Lara Croft will face in the upcoming video game. There are elite Trinity soldiers, giant eels, swarms of vicious piranhas, and other deadly [...

Darth Vader Face Pajamas

GeekAlerts - Igår: 05:00

Sleep like you’re in your own private meditation chamber aboard your flagship Star Dreadnought with these Darth Vader Face Pajamas. Featuring the iconic pattern of Darth Vader’s helmet, the charcoal heather pullover hoodie and matching jogger bottoms are super comfy for lounging around and staying [...

Alien Unexpected Parenthood T-Shirt

GeekAlerts - Igår: 13:21

This hilariously clever Alien Unexpected Parenthood T-Shirt takes the Baby On Board sign, which was a popular fad in the 1980s for parents to have on their car, and combines it with a chestburster from the Alien franchise. As you probably know, an alien Xenomorph [...

Giant Water Spraying Elephant

GeekAlerts - Igår: 12:35

When it’s hot outside, kids love to run through lawn sprinklers. But after a long hot summer, running through an ordinary sprinkler is, well ordinary. Bring some excitement to the backyard fun with this Giant Water Spraying Elephant.

15% Off Site-Wide SuperHeroStuff Promo Code

GeekAlerts - Igår: 12:24

If you like to save money, this 15% Off Site-Wide SuperHeroStuff Promo Code is for you. It’s the easy way to get a discount on everything sold at

The Art of Rick & Morty Hardcover Book

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 06:16

The Art of Rick & Morty Hardcover Book is 224 pages of great content to help hold you over during the long wait for Season 4. It offers an amazing behind-the-scenes perspective on how the show is made, complete with concept art and commentary from [...

Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Backpack

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 13:43

Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet has inspired some awesome merchandise, like the Class of Infinite Power Ring, High Top Sneakers, and this new Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Backpack. While the design of this backpack is based on the Mad Titan’s look, its patterns and [...

Battlefield 5 Devastation of Rotterdam Trailer

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 08:49

Watch the new Battlefield 5 Devastation of Rotterdam Trailer that Electronic Arts unveiled for gamescom 2018, the video game trade fair in Germany. It showcases a host of gameplay features as well as showing off parts of quite a few of the maps: Rotterdam, Devastation, [...

Marvel Iron Fist: Season 2 – Official Trailer

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 08:22

Watch the Marvel Iron Fist: Season 2 – Official Trailer to preview what the new season will bring when it premieres on Netflix on September 7, 2018. Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), season two of Iron Fist stars Finn Jones (Danny Rand / [...