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Steampunk Styled Dice

GeekAlerts - 07 Jul 12 kl. 21:01

If you’re a fan of dice and you enjoy Steampunk, then you should like the Steampunk Styled Dice. Computer designed and modeled, the creators of these dice used a 3D printer to print it one thin layer at a time. The dice are painted in a bronze-like finish, giving them an authentic Steampunk look. The [... Fortsätt läs..

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Öppen beta för Battlefield V drar igång i september - 16 Jul 18 kl. 13:45

Testa spelet innan release Nyligen fick utvalda spelare testa PC-versionen av Battlefield V och DICE har levererat lite fakta om vad de tagit för lärdomar av testet samt hur deras planer för beta-test ser ut. Mer specifikt meddelade DICE att ett öppet beta-test kommer dra igång i början av september. DICE meddelar att lärdomarna som Alpha-testet genererade handlade bland annat om matchmaking, stabilitet och gänget fick också upp ögonen gällande en och annan bugg.

Skrivtävling Steampunk

Bokbloggar - 13 Jun 18 kl. 06:00

DICE plockar bort systemkrav för Battlefield V - 07 Jun 18 kl. 12:15

Verkar bara ha varit placeholder Förra veckan rapporterades det om att Battlefield V kommer ha samma systemkrav som Battlefield 1. Detta verkar inte vara korrekt och Dan Mitre, community manager på DICE, har meddelat att de tidigare systemkraven endast var en placeholder och har nu plockats bort från Origin. DICE meddelar att de korrekta systemkraven kommer att presenteras inom kort.

Giant Yard Dice

GeekAlerts - 24 May 18 kl. 02:12

Memorial Day weekend is coming, and these Giant Yard Dice could provide a fun activity for your backyard barbecue. Compete in family dice games with these jumbo dice that are hand made from solid pine wood. The pips are hot iron branded into all six [...

Gaming Dice Soap Set

GeekAlerts - 22 Jan 17 kl. 10:24

Roll the dice and see how clean you get. This Gaming Dice Soap Set gives you a set of 3 individually wrapped soaps that are great for gaming in the bathtub. You get a d20, d10, and d8 and each one has a die inside!

Patrick Bach lämnar DICE - 07 Nov 16 kl. 14:41

Sägs vilja spendera mer tid med familjen Tidigare i dag så gick det rykten om att Patrick Bach skulle lämna rollen som General Manager för DICE. Anledningen till det var för att han ville spendera mer tid med sin familj vilket ju är fullt förståeligt. Nu har dessa rykten dock bekräftats genom en kommentar från EAs Patrick Söderlund : "Patrick Bach has been a great colleague to many across DICE and EA for almost 15 years.

Dice tar sig förbi miljardgränsen - 20 Oct 16 kl. 14:30

Tack Star Wars Battlefront DI rapporterar att Dice nu omsätter mer än en miljard kronor enligt den senaste årsredovisningen. Under det senaste räkenskapsåret omsatte Battlefield-studion hela 1,177 miljarder kronor vilket är en ökning med 28 procent jämfört med föregående räkenskapsår. I årsredovisningen kan man även läsa att Dice hade ett resultat på knappt 87 miljoner kronor efter alla finansiella poster.

Dice drog in över en miljard

Nyhetspressen - 20 Oct 16 kl. 11:02

Det svenska spelutvecklingsbolaget Dice fortsätter att växa så det knakar. Efter lanseringen av spelet "Star Wars Battlefront" ligger omsättningen en bra bit över en miljard kronor. Närmare bestämt omsatte Dice 1 177 miljoner kronor under det senaste räkenskapsåret, som sträckte sig till och med mars i år.

DICE släpper ny Battlefield-app - 18 Oct 16 kl. 16:30

Fixa loadouts på dass DICE släppte i dag sin nya telefonapp för Battlefield som bland annat slopar hela Battlelog-brandingen. Appen heter Battlefield Companion och finns nu att ladda ner för Android, iOS samt snart till Windows 10 Mobile. Med appen kan man hålla koll på sin data för både Battlefield 4 och kommande Battlefield 1.

Pop! Heroes Steampunk Batman Vinyl Figure

GeekAlerts - 12 Oct 16 kl. 11:38

Utility belt? On. Cape?

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Cuisinart Rotisserie Turkey Fryer

GeekAlerts - 9 timmar sedan

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and this year you can make the best turkey ever with the Cuisinart Rotisserie Turkey Fryer. It will cook so much faster than an oven—cooking a 14-pound turkey in just over an hour—and it will be so [...

Super Nintendo Retro Art 2019 Wall Calendar

GeekAlerts - 9 timmar sedan

If you grew up playing Nintendo games, you probably still have a deep fondness for those classic video games. Celebrate the nostalgia all next year with this Super Nintendo Retro Art 2019 Wall Calendar. It features a mix of illustrations, box art, and pixel art [...

Marvel Salute to Service 9Twenty Adjustable Hats

GeekAlerts - 10 timmar sedan

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day, a time to honor military veterans, and it would’ve also been a good opportunity to wear one of these Marvel Salute to Service 9Twenty Adjustable Hats. Whether you’re a vet or you simply want to show your support to the men [...

30% off Mugs and Glasses Sale at ThinkGeek

GeekAlerts - 10 timmar sedan

Get an awesome new coffee mug, a pint glass, or a shot glass and save 30% off at the Mugs and Glasses Sale at ThinkGeek! They’ve got tons of amazing designs and even have some heat changing mugs. Themes include Star Wars, Rick and Morty, [...

Healthy Microwave Potato Chip Maker

GeekAlerts - Igår: 14:56

Most everyone loves potato chips, and a similar percentage of us are also trying to eat better. Fortunately, you can use this Healthy Microwave Potato Chip Maker to make a delicious snack that is a whole lot lower in terms of fat, calories, and sodium. [...

Marvel Deadpool Signed Ryan Reynolds Katana

GeekAlerts - Igår: 14:52

If you’re a fan of Deadpool collectibles, this Marvel Deadpool Signed Ryan Reynolds Katana is truly a sight to behold. For one, swords are always a cool collectible, and that goes double for a Katana. Two, this Katana happens to be signed by “Deadpool” himself, [...

Funko POP! Rocks Queen Brian May Figure

GeekAlerts - Igår: 14:34

If you get that awesome Funko POP! Freddie Mercury, you’ll need to get this Funko POP! Rocks Queen Brian May Figure to go with it.

Battlefield V Official Launch Trailer

GeekAlerts - i förrgår: 06:58

Electronic Arts released the Battlefield V Official Launch Trailer today coinciding with availability of the game for Origin Access Premier subscribers on PC and Xbox One. People that purchase Battlefield V Deluxe Edition for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 will be able to [...

Build Your Own RC Tank

GeekAlerts - 09 Nov 18 kl. 14:40

Building something out of LEGO bricks is fun, but it is even better when you can really play with what you constructed. That’s the idea behind this Build Your Own RC Tank. It features 1,498 plastic blocks that are very similar to LEGO that you [...

Nintendo The Legend Of Zelda Potion Fragrance Set

GeekAlerts - 09 Nov 18 kl. 14:37

Restore your health, magic, or lifeforce with this Nintendo The Legend Of Zelda Potion Fragrance Set. Okay, they may not affect anything so magically, but they will make you smell fresh and fabulous. What do they smell like?

Clue: Riverdale Edition Board Game

GeekAlerts - 09 Nov 18 kl. 14:34

When you take one of the best classic board games and transform it using the characters, setting, and theme of one of your current favorite movies, TV shows, or comic books, it makes it so much better. For example, take Deadpool Collector’s Edition Monopoly, Rick [...

The Lord Of The Rings Christmas Sweater

GeekAlerts - 08 Nov 18 kl. 15:01

If you’re going to an office holiday party this year, you don’t have to wear a typical ugly Christmas sweater, when you can rock this The Lord Of The Rings Christmas Sweater instead. While you might not be able to wear the Rick and Morty [...

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle Official Trailer

GeekAlerts - 08 Nov 18 kl. 14:47

Fans of The Jungle Book will want to check out the new Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle Official Trailer. If you like it, you won’t have to wait long to see the full movie, as this film will be released in limited theaters on November [...

Best Buy Black Friday 2018 Deals Now

GeekAlerts - 08 Nov 18 kl. 13:47

There’s no need to wait until after Thanksgiving to start shopping when you can enjoy Best Buy Black Friday 2018 Deals Now! They’re offering huge discounts on computers, electronics, appliances, video games, and so much more. Simply visit the Black Friday Deals page at Best [...

Rick and Morty Dark Knight T-Shirt

GeekAlerts - 07 Nov 18 kl. 16:09

If you liked the Rick and Morty / Pulp Fiction Shirt and you’re looking for another great mashup, check out this awesome Rick and Morty Dark Knight T-Shirt. It features Rick Sanchez as the Joker with Morty Smith as Batman. Instead of asking, “Why so [...