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Turbine LCD Watch

GeekAlerts - 14 Feb 12 kl. 08:39

There are a ton of watches with extremely cool designs, but I doubt you’ll find one that resembles the Turbine LCD watch. It’s not really hard to figure out where the concept or inspiration for the watch was derived: turbines, of course. The watch doesn’t really have a turbine that’s perpetually turning though. Instead, it’s [... Fortsätt läs..

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Apple Watch Due in April

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - i förrgår: 23:02

Apple is the toast of Wall Street and the tech world once again, but many a wondering when the next big thing will come from the company. However, it is actually just around the corner as Cupertino has not actually released the Apple Watch yet, announcing the device way back in September but not launching it. Tim Cook shed some light on the wearable during Apple’s earnings call yesterday.

Slow Watch visar dygnets alla 24 timmar - 14 Jan 15 kl. 17:43

Slow Watch är inte som vilken klocka som helst, och den visar inte bara tiden. Nej, Slow Watch är mer ett koncept, som syftar till att ge ett större perspektiv på hur långt dygnet egentligen... Läs hela notisen direkt på Prylkoll.

Apple Watch tittar fram i iOS 8.2 - 13 Jan 15 kl. 11:45

Nu börjar det närma sig Igår släppte Apple en betaversion av den kommande versionen av sitt mobila operativsystem iOS och under inställningarna så verkar bluetooth-inställningarna för Apple Watch ha dykt upp. Det här betyder antagligen att Apple förbereder sig på att släppa iOS 8.2 i skarp version samtidigt som man lanserar Apple Watch eller något före det.

IDC Says Wearable Market Will Surge Because of Apple Watch

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 16 Dec 14 kl. 18:29

IDC is among of the most reputable market researchers on the planet and the company has been looking at the Canadian market and predicting wearable trends in the country through 2015. Sure, Canada is not a tech and consumer electronics hotspot, but the data for the country seems come out equal to a similar worldwide trend that is widely predicted in the smartwatch market during the coming 12 months. IDC reports that wearable sales will rise significantly on the heels of the Apple Watch, something that is thought will also happen on a worldwide level.

X-Men Xavier’s School Watch

GeekAlerts - 16 Dec 14 kl. 12:00

Are you a member of Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters? If you are, then wear this watch and show your allegiance to the school. Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters takes young mutants under its wing and trains them.

Spider-Man Venom Logo Black Bracelet Watch

GeekAlerts - 25 Nov 14 kl. 15:54

This Spider-Man Venom Logo Black Bracelet Watch looks great. It will look amazing on your wrist, whether it is bare or worn over a Spider-Man costume. Now you won’t have to depend on your Spidey-sense to know what time it is.

6 Eye-Opening Quotes From Naomi Judd’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ Interview

Musik & Lyrics - 15 Nov 14 kl. 10:41

Naomi Judd, the singer, actress and author who is also mother to Wynonna and Ashley Judd, was a guest on Bravo's ? Watch What Happens: Live starring Andy Cohen this week. Judd, whose latest film, An...

LG berättar om P-OLED, siktar på vik- och rullbara skärmar - Allt om Google Android - 11 Nov 14 kl. 12:13

LG har berättat mer om skärmtekniken P-OLED som står för Plastic Organic Light-Emitting Diode. En aktuell enhet som har P-OLED-skärm är smartklockan G Watch R. Varför använder då LG ett plastsubstrat istället för glas?

LG testar ny LG G Watch med inbyggd 3G - 29 Sep 14 kl. 11:21

Under IFA 2014 fick vi se LG G Watch R för första gången. Trots att denna klocka inte är släppt jobbar man redan på nästa steg, en rektangulär variant med inbyggd 3G. LG G Watch R Förutom...

Apple debuts the iWatch, but it’s actually called the Apple Watch

Daily iPhone Blog - Allt om iPhone - 09 Sep 14 kl. 23:48

Apple pulled a mini surprise today by launching the Apple Watch. Yes, we very much thought that Cupertino’s first wearable would land at the iPhone 6 launch event, but we suspected it to be called the iWatch. Instead it gets another name, but how does it hold up against the rest of the competition in the smartwatch market?

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Aliens Lunch Box With Thermos

GeekAlerts - 15 minuter sedan

Invite an alien to lunch when you pack your lunch in this Aliens Lunch Box With Thermos. GIt’s the next best thing to going on a bug hunt with the Colonial Marines from the USS Sulaco.

LEGO SHIELD Helicarrier

GeekAlerts - 1 timme sedan

Get ready to save the world… or take it over (Hail Hydra!) with the LEGO SHIELD Helicarrier. You’ll feel like Nick Fury with this awesome arsenal under your command.

Star Wars Premium 2015 Calendar

GeekAlerts - 1 timme sedan

It is going to be a big year for Star Wars, with a new movie and lots of cool toys. Keep track of it all with this Star Wars Premium 2015 Calendar. Now you won’t need to rely on the Force to tell you the date.

Thanos Sixth-Scale Figure

GeekAlerts - 2 timmar sedan

You’ve seen him in the comic books. You’ve seen him in the movies. Now you can see him at home with the Thanos Sixth-Scale Figure.

DC Comics Bombshells Batwoman Statue

GeekAlerts - 22 timmar sedan

This DC Comics Bombshells Batwoman Statue features Kate Kane stepping up to the plate and she knocks it out of the park. This statue features Kate Kane in her 1940s-era women’s baseball outfit. She is wearing her black and red baseball Gotham Knights uniform and stands atop her name display base.

Mutant Pirate T-Shirt

GeekAlerts - 23 timmar sedan

The Mutant Pirate T-Shirt offers a great look at what would happen if Wolverine had been a pirate. Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum. The dread pirate Logan has brought his mighty ship, the Xavier, to port and he’s looking for a good time.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Vinyl Bust Bank

GeekAlerts - 23 timmar sedan

Imperial Stormtroopers can’t shoot straight, but they do know how to save money. They probably have to take an economics class in training. This Star Wars Stormtrooper Vinyl Bust Bank is all you need to save your money for more cool toys.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Nerf Thor Battle Hammer

GeekAlerts - Igår: 14:00

Only those who are worthy can lift Mjolnir but anybody can lift the Avengers: Age of Ultron Nerf Thor Battle Hammer so it’s easy for you to feel like a Thunder God. Are you worthy? It doesn’t matter because none of those pesky Asgardian rules apply to this particular hammer.

Guardians of the Galaxy Polo Shirt

GeekAlerts - Igår: 13:28

This Guardians Polo celebrates Guardians of the Galaxy, who are always there to protect you from evil. Especially on casual Fridays. Show your support for this group of Marvel characters by wearing this polo shirt.

Egg Attack Iron Man Mark II Special Floating Edition

GeekAlerts - Igår: 13:00

Tired of cool Iron Man goodies that just sit there in a very uncool way? You’ll be excited about the Egg Attack Iron Man Mark II Special Floating Edition because it flies just like Tony Stark’s armor.

Lost in Space Jupiter 2 Bottle Opener

GeekAlerts - Igår: 12:30

Don’t get lost in space without this Lost in Space Jupiter 2 Bottle Opener. There’s nothing worse than being lost in space and having no beverages. This 3-inch metal bottle opener is in the shape of the famous Jupiter 2 spaceship from Lost in Space!

DC Comics Harley Quinn Costume Robe

GeekAlerts - Igår: 12:00

Every just want to get out of your work clothes and go crazy when you get home? The DC Comics Harley Quinn Costume Robe lets you shed that nice and respectable persona for something a little wilder. Just like the Joker released the uninhibited Harley Quinn from the mind of Dr.

Personalized Doctor Who Glow-in-the-Dark Mug

GeekAlerts - Igår: 15:30

You don’t want to blink when Weeping Angels are around so use this Personalized Doctor Who Glow-in-the-Dark Mug to drink coffee so you can remain alert. Everything about Doctor Who is cool, even the way Gallifreyan writing looks. Now you can have your name written in the Doctor’s native language on this 10-ounce mug.

Predator Lunch Box With Thermos

GeekAlerts - Igår: 15:00

Predators love to pack a lunch, because you get pretty hungry hunting big game and collecting trophies. They would love this Predator Lunch Box With Thermos, since it bears their likeness. The alien hunter from the classic sci-fi film Predator is featured front and center on this awesome tin lunch box.

Avengers Age of Ultron Iron Man Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head Figure

GeekAlerts - Igår: 14:30

The Avengers Age of Ultron Iron Man Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head Figure is ready to rocket into action and save the day. Ultron might not like the idea of being a puppet but Iron Man has no problem with being a bobble head.