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Valentine´s Day RoseCake

Passion 4 baking - 07 Jan 19 kl. 19:37

Hey you all; Roses are red (pink), Violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you!  Valentine is around the corner, so this year I start early! This Valentine´s day cake is super delicious, It´s filled with raspberry, pastry cream, bananas, and the sponge cake is just heavenly, it is soft and moist!  I [... Fortsätt läs..

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30% Off Sitewide BoxLunch Sale

GeekAlerts - 14 Feb 19 kl. 13:56

BoxLunch is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a 30% Off Sitewide Sale! While they do have plenty of items that would make a great Valentine’s Day gift, the deals are not limited to those items. Just about everything a BoxLunch is discounted by 30% off!

Marvel Valentine’s Day T-Shirts & Sweatshirts

GeekAlerts - 02 Feb 19 kl. 11:31

Recently we covered the collection of Star Wars Valentine’s Day Shirts and there’s also these new Marvel Valentine’s Day T-Shirts & Sweatshirts. There’s a number of designs featuring some of your favorite Marvel characters like Captain America, Thanos, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Black Panther. [...

50% Off Fox Shop Valentine’s Day Sale

GeekAlerts - 31 Jan 19 kl. 15:13

Save up to 50% off at the Fox Shop Valentine’s Day Sale, with deals on merchandise from shows like The Orville, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Bob’s Burgers, The X-Files, Family Guy, and more. Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, so it is [...

Star Wars Plush Bouquets

GeekAlerts - 30 Jan 19 kl. 13:41

Valentine’s Day will be here soon, and wouldn’t it be great to surprise your sweetheart with one of these Star Wars Plush Bouquets? It sure beats that same boring old flowers that will wilt and die, and it is infinitely better than forgetting and having [...

Star Wars Valentine’s Day T-Shirts

GeekAlerts - 29 Jan 19 kl. 13:32

Browse through these Star Wars Valentine’s Day T-Shirts for a shirt to wear for yourself or one to get your Valentine. There are numerous styles to choose from, although the most popular may be the classic quotes from Princess Leia and Han Solo in The Empire [...

Best chocolate sheet cake for Valentines day

Passion 4 baking - 27 Jan 19 kl. 18:27

Hi sweet people, I hope you are having a great weekend so far. Sharing the recipe today for the best chocolate sheet cake ever, I decorated this cake with lots of love decorations perfect for valentines day. This cake, is absolute, without a doubt, the best chocolate sheet cake ever, at least that is what everyone [...

Red Rose Beard Bouquet

GeekAlerts - 25 Jan 19 kl. 11:34

Instead of giving your sweetheart an ordinary bouquet of flowers this Valentine’s Day, surprise her with this Red Rose Beard Bouquet. This set features 9 mini red roses on clips that you can use to decorate your facial hair. Not only is this far more [...

40% Off HBO Shop Valentine’s Day Gift Sale

GeekAlerts - 24 Jan 19 kl. 15:51

Buy something unique for your sweetheart and save a bit of money at the same time at the 40% Off HBO Shop Valentine’s Day Gift Sale. They have over 100 items on sale with merchandise from shows like Game of Thrones, Real Time with Bill [...


Passion 4 baking - 12 Jan 19 kl. 16:45

Hi everyone; Sharing the recipe for an old- fashioned chocolate cake that is delicious and so fast to make, and perfects to make for your love,  for Valentine’s day!  I kept this cake very simple, I just filled and cover the entire cake with a delicious mascarpone whipped cream made with real vanilla seeds.   This cake [...

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Scandinavian  Style cake with pastry cream and Jell-O

Passion 4 baking - 1 timme sedan

Hi everyone; Happy Sunday!   Today was such a beautiful day; the sun was shining and the sky was blue and I got to eat my favorite cake!  Yesterday I made one of my top 5 favorite cake that my mom used to make when I was younger.

Nutella Frosting 

Passion 4 baking - 18 Mar 19 kl. 16:05

Hi everyone; A new day and a new week; let’s make the best of it. It is Easter soon, and something with chocolate is always a good idea. Today I made Cupcakes; Beautiful white cupcakes that were so incredibly fluffy and delicious.

Tropical Sweet Rolls

Passion 4 baking - 15 Mar 19 kl. 16:00

Hi Everyone; The weekend is finally here, Yeah! I hope all is well with you and that you are looking forward to the weekend, are you planning to bake something sweet this weekend? If you love sweet rolls; and lemon you might want to try this recipe But before you scroll down;  I got an [...

Passionfruit Mousse Cake With Strawberries

Passion 4 baking - 13 Mar 19 kl. 12:29

Hi everyone; happy Wednesday! Sharing the recipe for a juicy and so delicious passionfruit mousse cake; the cake is made with a simple vanilla cake layer; I just make a jelly roll cake, and the cake is filled with strawberries and passionfruit mousse and it is just so good!  I added marzipan on top; but [...

Japanese Milk Bread Rolls – Dutch Style Vanilla Buns

Passion 4 baking - 11 Mar 19 kl. 17:46

Happy Monday you all; Today I made the most delicious sweet rolls, they are Japanese milk bread rolls. the are made with a starter that is made in minutes called tangzhong! It makes the buns so soft and airy like a pillow, and the tangzhong method also keep these sweet rolls soft for at least [...

Raspberry Cheesecake

Passion 4 baking - 08 Mar 19 kl. 14:54

Happy International Women’s Day to all of you amazing woman out there, today is also the 9th anniversary of my baking blog You are all precious, a unique diamond one of a kind and You can do and be anything you want to be! A don’t ever let anyone tell you differently, Just as I did we [...

Chocolate Sheet Cake with smarties

Passion 4 baking - 26 Feb 19 kl. 16:12

Hi you all, happy Wednesday! One of my favorite candy is smarties, and perfect to use as decoration on a chocolate sheet cake. Perfect for children party´s and birthdays.


Passion 4 baking - 25 Feb 19 kl. 16:03

Hi Sweet people; If you have ever been to Sweden and visit some bakeries you probably have seen these sweet buns ( semlor)  in the bakery, in Sweden we call these for Semlor, they are so good but homemade is always better! For a great Semlor recipe you need; a great recipe for the sweet [...] The post Semlor appeared first on Passion 4 baking :::GET INSPIRED:::.


Passion 4 baking - 22 Feb 19 kl. 14:30

Hi you all. The weekend is finally here; I hope you will have an amazing weekend. If you love to make marshmallows, you should try these cute rhombus shaped marshmallows.


Passion 4 baking - 19 Feb 19 kl. 14:05

Happy Tuesday you all. I  hope your weekend was good. Sharing the recipe for waffle cookies, As a child, these were one of my favorite cookies.

Watercolor-blueberry lemon cake

Passion 4 baking - 16 Feb 19 kl. 14:56

Hi everyone ♥ I hope you all had an amazing Valentines day, It has been quiet on the blog this week, due to me being sick! I´m all better now and look forward to being in the kitchen and bake and create new recipes for you all. Sharing the recipes today for a watercolor, blueberry lemon [...

Triple chocolate cupcakes for valentines day

Passion 4 baking - 05 Feb 19 kl. 19:09

Hey you!  I hope all is well and that you had a good start in the new week. A little note; I receive a lot of messages from you guys on →Instagram in my inbox.

Banoffee pie with peanut and almond bunn ( glutenfree) 

Passion 4 baking - 02 Feb 19 kl. 18:31

Hey you all; I hope you are having a wonderful day! It´s winter wonderland here in Sweden, perfect time to stay inside and bake something delicious for the weekend. Last summer I shared a recipe for a delicious no-bake banoffee pie, it was really good, but I do have a weakness for a Norwegian baked gooey [...


Passion 4 baking - 31 Jan 19 kl. 13:50

Hi Everyone! if you are a fan of chocolate cupcakes and ganache you might want to give this recipe a try! If you have my English baking book Love Manuela, You find this recipe on page 146 and I know many of you have already made this from my book and told me how much [...

Moist lemon cake with fluff

Passion 4 baking - 29 Jan 19 kl. 14:53

Hey you all, Do you love anything with lemon? Then this is the cake for you, I love a good lemon cake and I know a few of you have made my lemon cake with ricotta, and told me how much you love this cake,  well this time instead of topping it with a lemon glaze [...] The post Moist lemon cake with fluff appeared first on Passion 4 baking :::GET INSPIRED:::.