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Young Live - "Lux Trap: Caligula" EP Free DL

-First Up! - 31 Oct 12 kl. 02:29

While you and I wait for Jeremy Davis more known as Young Live to drop his second volume of "Famous Friends" early next year, he comes through with a nice project called "Lux Trap" in which he cultivates his style and evolves further through acoustic melodies, booming 808s, heavy synth lines and epic string arrangements. "Lux Trap: Caligula" is the first installment (which will continue to come out monthly until the end of the year) and includes remixes of Yasmin's lovely cover of Kings of Tomorrow's 'Finally', Lil Mouse's 'D Wade' (which is my personal fave off this release), John West, Tinie Tempah & Swedish House Mafia as well as a weird bonus track that you'll like if you're into "Games of Thrones"... "My reasoning behind the music derives from recent research and ventures in regards to fashion. I wanted each track to give a different feel and be about a different topic while keeping it in the realm of songs I liked and artists I know. Fortsätt läs..

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Live Apg29 - 16/7-2019 20:09

apg29 - i förrgår: 20:09

JUST NU: LIVE! Christer Åbergs livesändning från Apg29!

Lyssna: Fever Ray – I’m Not Done (Still Not Done)

Kulturbloggen - 15 Jul 19 kl. 16:38

Fever Ray släppte ‘I’m Not Done (Still Not Done)’ den 15 juli. Ett pressmeddelande om släppet: ‘I’m Not Done (Still Not Done)’ is based on the live version of the original, performed and recorded live at Fever Ray’s March 2018 show at London’s Troxy. The live version of the song which is also available as of today, features vocals from Dreijer and collaborators Helena Gutarra and Maryam Nikandish and is taken from the forthcoming “Fever Ray – Live at Troxy,” due for release on 2 August via Rabid Records.

Live Apg29 - 9/7-2019 20:37

apg29 - 09 Jul 19 kl. 20:37

JUST NU: LIVE! Christer Åbergs livesändning från Apg29!

Direkt från Svarstad Norge med Lindbergarna

apg29 - 06 Jul 19 kl. 14:34

JUST NU: LIVE! Start klockan 16.00.

Live Apg29 med Christer Åberg

apg29 - 25 Jun 19 kl. 20:42

JUST NU: LIVE! Christer Åbergs livesändning från Apg29!

Festivalkampanjen G:a Hjälmseryd Söndag 23 juni Del 2

apg29 - 23 Jun 19 kl. 19:14

JUST NU: LIVE! Christer Åbergs livesändning från Apg29!

Festivalkampanjen G:a Hjälmseryd Söndag 23 juni Del 1

apg29 - 23 Jun 19 kl. 17:23

JUST NU: LIVE! Christer Åbergs livesändning från Apg29!

Midsommardagen Festivalkampanjen Gamla Hjälmseryd Del 2

apg29 - 22 Jun 19 kl. 19:34

JUST NU: LIVE! Christer Åbergs livesändning från Apg29!

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Young Live - 'Lovebahton'

-First Up! - 28 Apr 14 kl. 10:07

My morning is summer. You know; bird chatter, pink cherry blossoms in full bloom, sweet love, bare legs, coconut ice cream, flowy chiffon dresses, short booty shorts, bandeau bikinis, all shades of coral, freeze at the dairy counter in the grocery store, tanlines and sunkissed skin. I go on and on, just so much positive about the summer season.

Brooke Candy - 'Opulence' Official Video

-First Up! - 28 Apr 14 kl. 07:51

Haaay! Yes, it was time to blow so new life into this site again. In a world were Iggy Azalea once was fresh and fun then turned into this awful mainstream radio friendly major label robot (seriously, listened to the "New Classic" promo once, an experience I wish never to repeat) it' s so nice that Brooke Candy can balance it all out.

Cashmere Cat - 'With Me'

-First Up! - 25 Nov 13 kl. 21:15

A year ago Magnus August Høiberg dropped his debut EP "Mirror Maru" and here's finally some new material in form of 'With Me' (cop off iTunes )taken off his upcoming "Wedding Bells" EP due out on Lucky Me in January next year.

Gnučči - 'Finders Keepers' (Mack Beats Remix)

-First Up! - 21 Nov 13 kl. 16:37

Oh #HorzeLife, I can't convey into words on how much I wish I was at home in Hultsfred, on my old pony right now, galloping bareback on the old airfield so fast you almost have no control over the situation. Just swish by, like the wind.

Young Live - "CHALICE"

-First Up! - 21 Nov 13 kl. 10:33

Just in time for his birthday Young Live serves up this gift of a remix release called "CHALICE". 10 tracks featuring remixes of Ciara, Lorde, Sky Ferreira, Selena Gomez, Little Jinder, Laurel, Soap&Skin, Lana del Rey, Major Lazer & Amber Coffman, Katy Perry featuring Juicy J and Far East Movement featuring Rye Rye. The release also features some collaborations between Young Live and Charley Hu$tle, Forman James and The Following.

Little Jinder - 'Shh'

-First Up! - 12 Nov 13 kl. 19:55

Little Jinder dropped her debut album, a dreamy journey through love and pain called "Break Up", earlier this year (buy off iTunes and listen to my absolute favourite tracks off the release below). But that was then, tomorrow marks a whole new career path for Jinder as she releases her first single in Swedish and it's bloody brilliant, for all you non-Swedish readers the chorus goes like this: "Vet vad du heter / Låtsas vi som / Jag vet vad du heter / Glömt det i morrn / Men jag kallar dig för Shh".

Abidaz ft. Robyn - 'Nitti5' (prod. by Stress)

-First Up! - 08 Nov 13 kl. 22:06

The Swedish media hype around Abidaz has been crazy for a while, and today as he finally dropped his solo debut album "In & Ut" on SoBlue Music (buy here or listen via spotify) well, my Swedish feed has been 99% Abidaz related. No joke. He has been labelled "the new saviour of Swedish hip hop" and the press release I got this morning read "They say "Swedish rap album of the year".

❤: Mack Beats ft. Julia Spada - 'Lägg Dig Ner'

-First Up! - 07 Nov 13 kl. 11:38

Swedish producer Marko Saez alias Mack Beats dropped his debut album "Centrum" on Hemmalaget/Sony the 5th of June and ever since that day 'Lägg Dig Ner' (cop off iTunes here) featuring Julia Spada has been a part of my daily routine. It's a tune that still manage to get me floored every single time I listen to it. The masterpiece is co-written by Ji Nilsson who herself has a little sweet artist career bubbling, listen to her brand new 'I'm Her' below.

Mapei - 'Don't Wait' (Kingdom Remix)

-First Up! - 06 Nov 13 kl. 07:40

Oh, I still can't listen to this tune without tearing up. On the bus, in the store or at home, the scenery doesn't matter. It's just one of _them_ tracks.

Gnučči - 'Finders Keepers' (prod. by Cristian Dinamarca)

-First Up! - 01 Nov 13 kl. 08:08

Here it is! Gnučči's brand new single 'Finders Keepers', out today on Famalam Records, produced by Cristian Dinamarca and the first offer from her upcoming EP "Psycho Happy". Cop 'Finders Keepers' off iTunes here and listen to it via Spotify here.

Gnučči - 'Finders Keepers' Official Video Trailer

-First Up! - 28 Oct 13 kl. 21:43

Gnučči will finally drop a new single this week! It's produced by Cristian Dinamarca, called 'Finders Keepers' and both the single and the official video, directed by non other than Roxy Farhat (known for this lil' video for the Knife's 'A Tooth For An Eye'), will be out November 1st via Famalam Records.

❤: More Fire Crew ft. Dizzee Rascal ‎- 'Still The Same'

-First Up! - 28 Oct 13 kl. 09:48

Dizzee Rascal dropped his fifth album with the ooh so clever title "The Fifth" a couple of weeks ago. An album that is a gruesome disappointment for us who was swept off our feet 10 years ago when Dylan Mills released "Boy In The Corner" and followed it up with "Showtime" a year later. Trust me, I've been one of those thinking that Dizzee could rap on everything, that he was indestructible but "The Fifth", seriously I'm lost for words.

Queff & Denniz Prime ft. Toffer - 'Min Stil'

-First Up! - 22 Oct 13 kl. 11:53

Oh how I've been waiting for this track! 10 loooong months to be exact, ever since Queff & Denniz Prime premiered it on their live mixtape "No Regert". 'Min Stil', that also features Toffer, serves as the first single (cop off iTunes here) from the duos upcoming release "VOSTOK", set to drop the 18th of November.

Min Stora Sorg - 'Jag Står Kvar'

-First Up! - 15 Oct 13 kl. 22:29

A very few artists move me the same way like Ann-Sofie Lundin more known as Min Stora Sorg does. A year ago she dropped her amazing self titled 6 track long debut EP and on that EP you'll find her absolutely exquisite version of the old Swedish psalm 'Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer' from 1695 (listen to Leo Zero's remix of it below). Now Anso is ready to unleash 'Jag Står Kvar' (cop off iTunes here), the first single off her debut album "Mvh Anso, M$$" scheduled to be released in January next year.

Yung Lean ft. ft. Kreayshawn - 'Marble Phone' (prod. by Yung Sherman & White Armor)

-First Up! - 15 Oct 13 kl. 20:22

I never bought the Yung Lean-hype Noisy/Vice = FOX and others more or less forced upon the world of music a couple of months ago. Sure, it's lovely in this day and age of modern technology that a unknown 16 year old dude namned Jonatan Leandoer from the south of Stockholm can be hyped into the almost absurd in America with his exotic American adapted raps and still remain pretty unknown here in Sweden. A guy who barley can rap at all for that matter.