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Ceramics, pottery and Mieli creatives

L O L I T A - 16 Nov 19 kl. 11:33

I went on a pottery course with Mieli Creatives together with my mother some week ago and it was so inspiring, now I just can’t get clay out of my mind. Typical how ideas blossom in retrospect! We will have to get a pottery oven so we can get the pinterest ideas out of our minds, haha.

Norwegian architecture, porridge and pines

L O L I T A - 10 Nov 19 kl. 13:54

I used to be all for the white interiors, no natural wood was allowed and even if it was just mildly stained I would be skeptical. Gone are those days, now I find myself looking for anything organic and natural. Could be my adoration for Japanese interior design that has finally gotten it’s way with material choices as well, nowadays I’ll simply be accepting a walnut-hued kitchen as well as a modernist white one.

January inspo -19

L O L I T A - 13 Jan 19 kl. 16:27

Cream colored pomeranian puppy girl

L O L I T A - 19 Jun 17 kl. 08:44

So.. this happened. This 9 weeks old pomeranian pup entered my life and became the center of cuteness.

Cream colored pomeranian puppy girl

L O L I T A - 19 Jun 17 kl. 08:44

So.. this happened. This 9 weeks old pomeranian pup entered my life and became the center of cuteness.

Funfetti, blackberries, rhubarb and lingon ~ gin bonanza

L O L I T A - 29 Jan 17 kl. 21:23

This week, I was inspired thanks to gin. Oh, well who wouldn’t be is perhaps your first thought. Well, this time, I was inspired by the brand first and foremost, and that’s really not my usual starting point.

Villa Villerkulla

L O L I T A - 08 Jan 17 kl. 21:20

My dreamhouse atm. Someone needs to perform exorcism on me so I can get over this winter wonderland/Swedish dream cottage.

Stureby Stadsvillor

L O L I T A - 07 Nov 16 kl. 13:03

I höst har jag formgett och varit art director i skapandet av en säljfolder tillsammans med Nine Doors Properties. Objekten är fyra stycken helt utsökta, nyproducerade villor ritade av Liljewall Arkitekter i Stureby i Stockholm. Foldern ska på tryck inom kort och villorna ligger reda uppe Hemnet.

My fashion moodfilms for the Swedish Fashion Council

L O L I T A - 18 Aug 16 kl. 19:00

The trend Body Comfort Twice a year I collaborate with the Swedish Fashion Council in the making of short moodfilms for their seasonal seminars in which they present trends for the upcoming two years. This spring season resulted in these three film, depicting the trends for autumn/winter-2017/2018. What do you think?

My top 3 fashion & food-instagrammers right now

L O L I T A - 11 Aug 16 kl. 12:24

You probably know by now that I’m an instagram-junkie. So, my likes on the the instagrammers photos below started piling up on @lolitasblog and I thought I would I might as well share my faves of the moment. Here they go: Alexandra Machover @spurofthemoments   Nice photos, funny captions, a combination of food and fashion and great NYC restaurant and cafe-tips.

Where to stay in Dublin, The Dean Hotel

L O L I T A - 10 Aug 16 kl. 13:14

So, initially I thought this edit would feature mostly dream-destinations but then I remembered The Dean Hotel in Dublin and thought I might as well start off with a dreamy hotel I actually stayed at. This hotel is in other words tried, tested and extremely approved! Why, you ask?

The best app for editing your photos and some interior #goals

L O L I T A - 09 Aug 16 kl. 11:51

I used to be so into the all white interior with no stuff at all. Don’t get me wrong, I still am. Afterall, I grew up in Stockholm, come on, the psych about white interior is for real here..

Oversized jeans jacket, vintage YSL and a body

L O L I T A - 08 Aug 16 kl. 11:36

Pants, pumps, place, earrings, body. Can you think about an outfit without the location? I’ll usually start off with the place and plan thereafter.

Trending: Embroideries, Erdem Resort 2016 and Jose Romussi

L O L I T A - 03 Aug 16 kl. 19:52

If you, like me, had a crush on this Resort-seasons Erdem collection with all the embroidery, there is hope for you (and me). There’s no need to blow your whole autumn clothing budget on one dress (even though it would be nice) because: Zara has the perfect embroidered pieces for us! I just happened to drop in there after work and their new fall collection is full of perfect embroidery.

White carrara marble bathrooms

L O L I T A - 02 Aug 16 kl. 09:44

All marble bathroom wall with a built in shelf, the symbolf of convenience. Large floor- and wall pattern with specks of grey and a marble bench next to the shower. All marble with black taps.

Where to go and what to eat in Tel Aviv, A city travel guide

L O L I T A - 01 Aug 16 kl. 10:53

Dreamy beach in the middle of the city, amazing food with loads of vegan options and a buzzingly hip nightlife with an equally vibrant creative scene? Tel Aviv is the place for you if you’re looking for any (or all) of this. The rich diversity and mix of different world views makes this city a dynamic spot on the Mediterranean map.

How to get new ideas from blogging

L O L I T A - 31 Jul 16 kl. 11:42

Foamy ocean surfing and pastel green pools. Plush pink sofa and hexagon star tiles. San Moisè in Venice and modernist glass atrium house in Berlin by Eduard Ludwig.

Beige & black, all day every day

L O L I T A - 29 Jul 16 kl. 12:39

Mocha strappy heel 2. Liquor black boot 3. omg omg!

Weekend picks: manageable plants, Anna Nooshin, Nadia Aboulhosn and career advice

L O L I T A - 24 Jul 16 kl. 14:32

Pink hair + pink grapefruits. Sunday is the best and worst day. It’s super relaxing but also stressful as the next week is on it’s verge.

20 sqm in Stockholm, Josefin Hååg + Fantastic Frank

L O L I T A - 17 Apr 16 kl. 13:51

This small apartment of only 20 sqm is the former residence of swedish interior decorater and blogger Josefin Hååg. It is also 20 sqm of bliss interior-wisely, located in central Stockholm in the neighbourhood Atlasområdet, often referred to as Little Paris. Recently the meticulously styled 20 sqm located was put up on the housing market with Fantastic Frank as the realtor.

Vegan Tel Aviv, Open restaurants, Zakaim

L O L I T A - 21 Mar 16 kl. 09:27

The other week I visited Israel for the Open Restaurants programme, showcasing the food and restaurant scene in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. There were alot of highlights so I will have to divide the trip into a couple of posts. I’ll start it off with one of my favorite spots, Zakaim.

Films by Lolitas, trends in fashion, design and interior design

L O L I T A - 06 Mar 16 kl. 18:21

Two times a year, for the seasonal spring/summer and autumn/winter-collections, I make short inspiration-movies for the Swedish Fashion Council and their trend seminars. This is a job I enjoy alot, I love putting together films the same way I enjoy composing blog posts. Above are excerpts from some of the movies.

Follow Lolitas on Instagram *daily updates*

L O L I T A - 28 Feb 16 kl. 19:57

For daily updates, follow me on instagram. Interior design, fashion photography and one or another illustration, basically anything and everything you’re used to here on the blog. See you there!

Nadia Aboulhosn

L O L I T A - 19 Oct 15 kl. 12:17

Spring in every nook and corner

L O L I T A - 20 Apr 15 kl. 22:41

Spring is around the corner. This is my favorite time of the year. Light creeping into every dusty corner of the apartment, small green buds swaying outside the window patiently.


L O L I T A - 27 Dec 13 kl. 20:44

One of my current blog crushes is Hjärtesmil, a norweigan girl living in London with the most enchanting instagram and blog. She’s so creative and talented and just seems so kindhearted. Just listen to the translation of Hjärtesmil: Heart smile.

Cotton candy coat

L O L I T A - 26 Dec 13 kl. 19:22

For someone who is ridiculously interested in fashion, I’m the worst shopper. I always end up with buying nothing. I know some people would disagree (my father and grandmother among others) but I find myself always being so picky I can’t find anything.

Happy Holidays!

L O L I T A - 25 Dec 13 kl. 12:20

I wish this was a collection of my own since I would just love to get away for a couple of days but the lovely collage is by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper. I hope you’re having some great days off, I’m doing my best to relax but having worked all through december, the pile of clothes that needs to be cleaned and stuff that has to be done has just been growing.. December is nice but I can’t wait for January and a fresh new start!

Friday fur, fur, fur and other stories

L O L I T A - 15 Nov 13 kl. 21:57

Faux fur I mean. Like on these by & other stories. Who dosen’t love a giant disco ball next to lot’s of foolscap?

Max Bill, Chalet C7 in the Andes mountains and blue+pink

L O L I T A - 13 Nov 13 kl. 22:12

Chalet C7, a complete masterpiece in the Andes mountains in South America. Chilly blue: meet dusty grey pink. Don’t remember which collection the look is from, please tell me if you know :) If a location could be poetry, this would be it.

Früute, Tauba Auerbach and pillow fights

L O L I T A - 08 Nov 13 kl. 21:08

The most amazing cookie photography/packaging, by Früute. Tauba Auerbachs enigmatic light and color combos. The sort of pillow fights that should not just be reserved for films and kids under 8.

Chminey up in here

L O L I T A - 07 Nov 13 kl. 23:52

Willy Wonka-ish chimney, reaching up and away like his neverending chocolate factory elevator. Flowery branch you nicked from a garden on your way home on a friday in may (yup, being a little summer depped here). Floor five with a luscious gold decal.

Palais de Tokyo, Pink apples, Overly ordery

L O L I T A - 06 Nov 13 kl. 12:17

I love anything with a “Palais” in it’s name. It sound so soft and smooth, like a dessert almost. Much unlike the word Palace, or Palats in swedish which sound like some hard, unapproachable material or something gore-texy.

Gourmet mouse traps and Clarendon

L O L I T A - 05 Nov 13 kl. 11:23

Such an amusing concept: Gourmet mouse traps. It is what it sounds like. I think some human being (myself included) would become victims for it..

Long time no blog!

L O L I T A - 04 Nov 13 kl. 11:49

I’ve been the lousiest blogger. It’s a shame really, of all the things I like to do, blogging is up in the top of the list. That’s why I’ll give it a good ol’ november roll!