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the first days of january

L O L I T A - 06 Jan 13 kl. 20:36

Crispy blue, icey pink, the first day light in january (this is super rare in Stockholm) and pier picnics. A snowflake or two can be ok, just bring on the light.. Fortsätt läs..

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Call of Duty: WWII – Days of Summer Event

GeekAlerts - 03 Aug 18 kl. 07:30

Watch the Call of Duty: WWII – Days of Summer Event Trailer to see what is available in this event that is back through August 28, 2018. Highlights include a sandbox map, new weapons, special gear, new game modes, and a community challange. This sandbox [...

My favorite Chocolate Sheet Cake with milk chocolate frosting.

Passion 4 baking - 17 Jun 18 kl. 20:34

Hi everyone It has been some days that I posted a recipe,  I have been busy with planning a party for my Youngest son graduation. Just needed to focus on that and I definitely needed some days off from baking after the party!  Today I made my favorite chocolate sheet cake, topped with a gooey milk chocolate frosting, it [...

Sweden's famous white elk 'not seen since January'

Nyhetspressen - 16 Jun 18 kl. 13:57

The rare white elk which won global viral fame last year has mysteriously vanished from its stomping ground in Värmland, western Sweden, with no sightings by locals since January..

Days Gone släpps 22 februari - 07 Jun 18 kl. 17:20

Släppdatum spikat! Sony har äntligen bekräftat när vi kommer kunna lira Days Gone och det kommer ske i februari. 22 februari för att vara exakt.

Releasen av Days Gone skjuts upp - 12 Mar 18 kl. 10:00

Vi får leka med motorcyklar och zombies nästa år Days Gone skulle egentligen släppas någon gång i år, men nu har Sony meddelat att spelet inte kommer släppas förrän nästa år. Vi har inte fått någon anledning varför detta sker, men troligtvis behöver utvecklarna lite mer tid med spelet. Sony har lämnat detta uttalande om spelet: "We can confirm that Days Gone will now be releasing in 2019 and we will keep you updated on the launch date.

Så många år fyller Hollywoodstjärnan Doris Day – egentligen

Nyhetspressen - 03 Apr 17 kl. 16:53

I det dopcertifikat som nyligen påträffats framgår att Doris Day föddes redan 1922, inte 1924 som skådespelaren hittills hade trott, det skriver Dagens Nyheter idag. Det betyder att Day under måndagen fyllde 95 år – inte 93 som hon först trodde. Charley Cullen Walters är Doris Days pressombud och han menar att spekulationerna kring Days ålder har hängt med sedan flera år tillbaka.

Green Days hånfulla Trump-video

Nyhetspressen - 17 Jan 17 kl. 09:34

En antirasistisk hyllning till kvinnorättsrörelsen och Martin Luther King, och en sågning av Donald Trump. Det är budskapen i Green Days nya video till singeln "Troubled times". Det är inte första gången det amerikanska punkrockbandet kritiserar Trump.

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Cream colored pomeranian puppy girl

L O L I T A - 19 Jun 17 kl. 08:44

So.. this happened. This 9 weeks old pomeranian pup entered my life and became the center of cuteness.

Cream colored pomeranian puppy girl

L O L I T A - 19 Jun 17 kl. 08:44

So.. this happened. This 9 weeks old pomeranian pup entered my life and became the center of cuteness.

Funfetti, blackberries, rhubarb and lingon ~ gin bonanza

L O L I T A - 29 Jan 17 kl. 21:23

This week, I was inspired thanks to gin. Oh, well who wouldn’t be is perhaps your first thought. Well, this time, I was inspired by the brand first and foremost, and that’s really not my usual starting point.

Villa Villerkulla

L O L I T A - 08 Jan 17 kl. 21:20

My dreamhouse atm. Someone needs to perform exorcism on me so I can get over this winter wonderland/Swedish dream cottage.

Stureby Stadsvillor

L O L I T A - 07 Nov 16 kl. 13:03

I höst har jag formgett och varit art director i skapandet av en säljfolder tillsammans med Nine Doors Properties. Objekten är fyra stycken helt utsökta, nyproducerade villor ritade av Liljewall Arkitekter i Stureby i Stockholm. Foldern ska på tryck inom kort och villorna ligger reda uppe Hemnet.

My fashion moodfilms for the Swedish Fashion Council

L O L I T A - 18 Aug 16 kl. 19:00

The trend Body Comfort Twice a year I collaborate with the Swedish Fashion Council in the making of short moodfilms for their seasonal seminars in which they present trends for the upcoming two years. This spring season resulted in these three film, depicting the trends for autumn/winter-2017/2018. What do you think?

My top 3 fashion & food-instagrammers right now

L O L I T A - 11 Aug 16 kl. 12:24

You probably know by now that I’m an instagram-junkie. So, my likes on the the instagrammers photos below started piling up on @lolitasblog and I thought I would I might as well share my faves of the moment. Here they go: Alexandra Machover @spurofthemoments   Nice photos, funny captions, a combination of food and fashion and great NYC restaurant and cafe-tips.

Where to stay in Dublin, The Dean Hotel

L O L I T A - 10 Aug 16 kl. 13:14

So, initially I thought this edit would feature mostly dream-destinations but then I remembered The Dean Hotel in Dublin and thought I might as well start off with a dreamy hotel I actually stayed at. This hotel is in other words tried, tested and extremely approved! Why, you ask?

The best app for editing your photos and some interior #goals

L O L I T A - 09 Aug 16 kl. 11:51

I used to be so into the all white interior with no stuff at all. Don’t get me wrong, I still am. Afterall, I grew up in Stockholm, come on, the psych about white interior is for real here..

Oversized jeans jacket, vintage YSL and a body

L O L I T A - 08 Aug 16 kl. 11:36

Pants, pumps, place, earrings, body. Can you think about an outfit without the location? I’ll usually start off with the place and plan thereafter.

Trending: Embroideries, Erdem Resort 2016 and Jose Romussi

L O L I T A - 03 Aug 16 kl. 19:52

If you, like me, had a crush on this Resort-seasons Erdem collection with all the embroidery, there is hope for you (and me). There’s no need to blow your whole autumn clothing budget on one dress (even though it would be nice) because: Zara has the perfect embroidered pieces for us! I just happened to drop in there after work and their new fall collection is full of perfect embroidery.